Clearwave Patient Engagement Platform

Clearwave, the comprehensive patient engagement platform, enables digital patient access by combining Patient Scheduling, Patient Check-In and Eligibility Verification in one single platform.

We’re helping specialty practices, hospitals and health systems to improve patient engagement, streamline processes, boost efficiency and productivity and accelerate cash flow for greater stability and growth.

Clearwave Patient Engagement Tools

Clearwave supports patient engagement and digital patient access with:

Appointment scheduling

Patient Scheduling

Digital patient scheduling with Clearwave takes the frustration out booking an appointment, and gives your patients the flexibility and efficiency that keeps them connected. Clearwave Scheduling lets your patients self-schedule an appointment online, by IVR or with the help of your call center, but with the smart technology and convenience that creates a satisfying experience. Increase new patient acquisition and offer scheduling ability while your next patients are researching providers.



Patient Check-In

Clearwave Connect offers the easiest pre-visit and patient check-in experience. Use Pre-Check to let your patients pre-register for appointments and complete clinical intake, instead of arriving early for paperwork. Then, at the appointment, provide a quick, easy check-in with Clearwave Connect for kiosk, tablet or mobile. Patients appreciate the ability to check in for appointments digitally, and the ease of arriving with intake complete. Less time spent in the waiting room means more time focused on patient care.


Insurance Eligibility Verification

Insurance Eligibility Verification

Your patients may love surprises, but not when it's financial. Clearwave's Eligibility-as-a-Service presents two clear benefits to patients: financial transparency and instant verification of their coverage. Patients stay informed and in control when any changes to their insurance can be flagged and updated prior to the date of service. Arriving for an appointment, patients and are able to see their co-pay and pay it along with any open balance before walking into the exam room.


Patient Communications

Patient Communications

Communication is the cornerstone of patient enagement, keeping patients actively involved in their care and creating a positive link to their provider. While your patients might carry a phone everywhere, they're probably not likely to answer it! The convenience of email or text messages far outperforms trying to reach patients with a phone call. Connect with patients with Appointment Reminders and Two-Way Texting and help them to keep track of appointments and visit instructions.


Patient Collections

Patient Collections

Involving patients in the payment process proactively increases satisfaction for both patients and providers. Patients with a card kept on file and a clear indication of their financial responsibility are more likely to pay at the time of service in one smooth transaction. Replacing the roadblocks of a post-visit invoicing system, or bills sent by mail engages patients even before seeing a provider. Returning patients can schedule appointments with confidence, and stay connected.


Tools for Patient Engagement

At Clearwave, we understand that successful patient engagement creates better patient experiences and leads to better outcomes. Our goal is to effectively support healthcare organizations, lightening the workload for more time to spend on patients.

Whether you’re a specialty practice or health system, Clearwave’s patient engagement platform and automated solutions simplify your patients’ experience while optimizing your organization’s workflows.

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