Patient Check-In Kiosks

Implement patient check-in kiosks to help your practice reduce claims rejections, accelerate cash flow and provide the experience today’s patients require. High-growth practices use Clearewave’s ADA-compliant patient check-in kiosks to streamline collections, data capture and throughput.

Use Patient Check-in Kiosks to Boost Collections

Introduce Your Patients to Kevin the Kiosk!

Use Kevin the Kiosk to keep your schedules on track and drive a 112% increase in point-of-service collections! Enable your patients to check in themselves, update their data and make payments, all without staff intervention. No matter your average patient age, daily volumes or specialty — see how you can get patients registered in minutes and drive 94% adoption of self-registration.

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The Benefits of Clearwave Patient Check-In Kiosks

Increase Collections Before Care

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Increase Point-Of-Service Collections

See immediate revenue results when implementing patient check-in kiosks. In a busy office, staff may feel uncomfortable or too rushed to ask for payment. Patient portals have their own setbacks due to historically low adoption rates, causing patients to avoid using those systems to register and make payments, once again leaving your staff to facilitate collections. Rather than rely on staff to ask for payments, high-growth practices see immediate increases to point-of-service collections, by 112% on average, simply by offering self-registration kiosks that will ask for payment every time a patient checks in. Patient check-in kiosks can collect payments via card swipe and enable patients to keep a card-on-file for future transactions.

Improve Data Capture

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Improve Patient Data Capture

Effective stand-alone patient kiosks capture insurance and license screenshots, electronic signatures, consents, patient demographics, compliance information, medical intake, custom questions and more — all directly from the patient or their guardian. This information then flows from the Clearwave patient check-in kiosks directly into your PMS/EHR, reducing manual data entry errors. With data right from your patients, you can process cleaner claims and put more time back into your staff’s day to focus on genuine patient interaction and high-value administrative and billing tasks. Clearwave seamlessly integrates with 50+ PMS/EHRs.

Drop Staff Workloads

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Truly Self-Service Kiosks Drop Staff Workloads

Pen and clipboard registration can increase errors and the potential for claims rejections. Additionally, handing patients tablets or navigating portal sign-ups and app downloads can be tricky for patients and staff alike, leading to frustration and wasted time during check-in. Remove manual staff intervention in patient registration to enable staff to tackle higher-value responsibilities like patient care and billing. Clearwave patient check-in kiosks are designed to be user-friendly with a simple touchscreen, similar to self-service kiosks that patients see when checking in at the airport or buying groceries. Practices have driven 94% patient adoption of Clearwave kiosks, despite higher patient age demographics, and successfully dropped staff registration workloads by 87%.

Boost Premium Service Revenue

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Direct Patients to Premium Services

Top-earning practices are successfully increasing premium service bookings while dropping advertising costs. Their secret? Clearwave patient self-registration kiosks! By using Clearwave's customizable self-registration workflows, you can build patient awareness and interest in premium services. With smart logic, Clearwave will only prompt questions about premium services to patients who fit your pre-determined criteria, meaning you can target existing patients who fit the right demographics and ask them privately about their interest during registration at the kiosks. Patients can quickly learn about the service and signal their interest, keeping check-in times short and removing any awkward staff interactions. Using this approach, one practice increased LASIK revenue by $400K while dropping advertising costs by $5,000. 

Reduce Wait Times

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Reduce Patient Wait Times

A clear goal for a patient check-in kiosk is to remove the time your patients have to spend in their provider’s office. With a self-service kiosk, patients can quickly scan their insurance card, or other identifiers, find their appointment, update any information, sign consents and make their payment all in just a few minutes, sometimes even less. No need for patients to remember a password or go back and forth with staff to help them update data. With Clearwave patient check-in kiosks, you can also configure workflows to speed up registration even further, by taking out any repeat questions for your patients and allowing them to keep their card on file or scan it on the spot for faster payments. Practices see upwards of a 90% reduction in wait times with Clearwave self-registration kiosks.


We’re Stronger When We Support Each Other

High-growth practices choose technology solutions by evaluating price, fit and partnership. Your practice will grow further, faster with a vendor partner who CAREs about your outcomes, your challenges and your patients. At Clearwave, our experience working with medical practices of all sizes and across specialties has shaped our belief that we’re stronger when we support each other – that's why we provide clearwaveCARE. With a focus on building lifelong partnerships, your experience will go beyond technology to ensure you maximize value.

“The excellent customer service we receive today is the same as the day we signed our contract. It is easy to tell they are genuine and not just trying to sell their product. Behind the scenes, they monitor our account and proactively reach out with suggestions to help make us more successful.”


Increase in point-of-service collections


Average check-in time


Drop in waiting room time

“Before Clearwave, our staff had to call patients prior to their appointment to ask for their co-pay, and we didn’t always get a straight answer, meaning we would collect too much or too little. Now, we have accurate co-pays that are proactively determined by Clearwave. We know exactly what to charge the patient when they come in and patients can make that payment on the kiosk during check-in.”

90% reduction

in check-in times


ongoing patient utilization of self-registration


copays collected monthly

“People have asked if the kiosk made check-in impersonal, and I said no, really it improved it, because now they see a face when they walk in versus the top of somebody’s head.”


Patient utilization at Clearwave kiosks


Average check-in time


Drop in average check-in time

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