Patient Self-Scheduling

High-growth practices increase patient access and empower patients to self-schedule appointments. Clearwave’s smart patient scheduling software - complete with automated eligibility verification and waitlist - reflects your practice’s preferences and priorities to maximize scheduling and increase patient acquisition.

Acquisition-Driven Patient Scheduling Software

Clearwave's patient scheduling software works closely with your critical EMR/PMS, allowing you to centralize patient and provider data from multiple sources. Once a patient books, cancels or reschedules in the Clearwave scheduling platform, your critical systems will update in real time, meaning no lag time, no staff intervention, no overbooking, and most importantly, no patient confusion.

Simple Patient Scheduling Software that Drives Revenue

Online Patient Scheduling


Online Patient Scheduling

With a 24/7 online patient scheduling solution that can be embedded into an existing website or mobile app, your practice becomes instantly searchable, allowing new patients to shop for care and schedule appointments with providers. Working seamlessly across desktop and mobile devices, smart scheduling is accessible for all patients, ensuring accurate, real-time patient-provider match incorporating patient, provider and health system needs.

NextUp Waitlist

NextUp Waitlist

Use Clearwave NextUp to enhance patient self-scheduling, reduce unfilled appointments and increase realized revenue. Build, manage and accelerate your appointment waitlist, send appointment requests and book new appointments to fill canceled or rescheduled slots — without burdening your staff. Combined with Clearwave Scheduling, the most advanced smart scheduling platform on the market, NextUp gives your organization an automated tool to fill open time slots in a way that your patients are already familiar with.

Patient Portal Scheduling


Patient Portal Scheduling

Our intuitive smart scheduling widget works seamlessly within health systems’ existing patient portals to provide real-time self-scheduling capability. Our SchedLogic™ technology matches patients with the right providers at the right times to create appointments that maximize organizational efficiency and patient access.

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Contact Center and Back Office Scheduling

With our guided scheduling dialogue, Clearwave Patient Scheduling provides call center agents and office schedulers with an interactive script specifically designed to collect information from patients. Agents simply input patients’ responses, and SchedLogic™ does the rest. Our smart rules ensure a perfect match for every patient, reflecting your providers’ preferences, reducing training time and eliminating human error.

SchedLogic™ Matching Algorithm

Perfectly match patients with the right providers, at the right times, to create appointments that reflect providers’ preferences, maximize organizational efficiency and best address your patients’ needs. Our complex patient scheduling algorithm handles all appointment types and can be customized based on your organization’s workflow. Built with the understanding that patient and physician needs keep changing, nothing is hard coded, and practices can easily make changes to reflect their constantly changing environment at any time. SchedLogic is EMR/PMS-agnostic, which allows your organization to centralize patient and provider data from multiple sources and apply it to best benefit your needs.

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    The patient steps through a guided workflow, and is asked relevant diagnostic and algorithmically personalized questions along the way to understand what they need

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    PMS/EMR integrations ensure patient historical data is leveraged in scheduling decisions

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    Back-end rules reflect real-life provider priorities and preferences in the digitized workflow

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    Matching algorithms align appointment slots with organizational constraints such as insurance restrictions and reimbursement policies

Patient Scheduling Software For High-Growth Practices

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Allow patients to instantly find and schedule appointments with providers, reducing the workload and burden on staff. Our smart engine matches the right care to the right patient, in real time. Our platform mimics the complex needs and logic of each organization we work with. 

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With 24/7 scheduling and a waitlist option, patients are instantly enabled to view relevant providers and schedule care through their preferred channel at their preferred time, increasing patient satisfaction and loyalty, and creating a more engaged customer base.

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Online appointment management and automated patient appointment reminders ensure that patients and their providers are always on the same page.

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The NextUp waitlist enables you to easily fill appointment gaps, without creating additional work for your staff. As available times open, NextUp will notify patients and book new appointments upon confirmation. With smart rules, NextUp will minimize gaps and maximize your physicians’ valuable time.

See How The Platform Works

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We’re Stronger When We Support Each Other

High-growth practices choose technology solutions by evaluating price, fit and partnership. Your practice will grow further, faster with a vendor partner who CAREs about your outcomes, your challenges and your patients. At Clearwave, our experience working with medical practices of all sizes and across specialties has shaped our belief that we’re stronger when we support each other – that's why we provide clearwaveCARE. With a focus on building lifelong partnerships, your experience will go beyond technology to ensure you maximize value.

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