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Self-Service & Automated Tools That Drop Staff Workloads


Automated Eligibility Verification

Our unique, Multi-Factor Eligibility™ solution is proven to drastically improve staff workloads by increasing efficiency in a way that outperforms other automated verification solutions. Bottom line: your staff saves hours and you save dollars.​

Automated Eligibility Verification

By instantly determining and presenting eligibility data in an all-patient dashboard, staff no longer have to spend hours reviewing individual patient eligibility and benefits reports. With Clearwave’s presentation of data and simple flagging system, staff can narrow their focus on the patients with insurance discrepancies that require their attention — dropping workloads by hours.

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Appointment Manager

Front Desk and Billing staff can quickly filter and sort appointments through interactive patient lists, helping them focus on the those that require their attention and make updates in seconds. ​

Appointment Manager

Clearwave Appointment Manager gives your staff the power to stay on top of key tasks and manage overall patient preparedness for their visit. Staff can quickly filter and view patients with specific statuses like reschedules/cancellations, confirmed appointments, amount owed, late/no-shows and more! Then, they can take necessary next steps, like rebooking patients or sending on-demand reminders.

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Staff Control Center​

Using Clearwave’s dashboard and one-of-a-kind rules engine, you can easily create customized alerts and statuses for staff, urging them to complete specific tasks before a patient’s appointment. ​

Staff Control Center

See weekly schedules or today's patients in one single, all-patient view. Staff can toggle between the dashboard and individual patient profiles in seconds. Additionally, you can create customized alerts that grab staff attention and urge them to complete specific tasks before a patient’s appointment.

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Clinical Intake​

Patients can complete all of their clinical and medical history information in advance while they’re on the go or from the comfort of their own homes!

Clinical Intake

Take one more task off your staff’s shoulders by enabling patients to complete clinical intake ahead of time. Their information instantly flows into your EHR, either by PDF or discrete data fields, reducing data entry challenges and errors.

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Self-Service Patient Check-In​

Empower your patients to check in using their preferred technology: kiosk, mobile, or tablet. Enable them to make co-pay and outstanding balance payments digitally!

Self-Service Patient Check-In

Clearwave offers truly self-service and passwordless patient registration, via kiosk, tablet, mobile and pre-registration. All resulting in shorter wait times for patients, improved data capture for cleaner claims and increased collections, by 112% on average. Reduce registration tasks for staff by 87% or more and drive nearly 99% patient adoption of self-service check-in!

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Point-of-Service Collections​

Collect accurate co-pays, past-due balances and even estimations at the point-of-service without relying on staff to ask for payment.

Point-of-Service Collections

In a busy office, staff may feel uncomfortable or too rushed to ask for payment. Rather than rely on staff, collect payments digitally at the point-of-service and even enable patients to keep a card-on-file for future transactions. Practices have seen upwards of 112% increases in collection rates by going digital!

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Pre-Registration & Digital Consents​

Automatically capture patient demographics, signed consents, insurance information and more, all before patients arrive. Direct EHR/PMS integration means no staff involvement!​

Pre-Registration & Digital Consents

Collect the most accurate patient data including demographics, compliance information, electronic signatures, insurance information, patient drivers’ license/insurance card images, custom questions and more. All forms and information captured during registration are automatically reconciled and integrated into your PMS/EHR.

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Appointment Reminders​

Notify your patients of important updates fast, from appointment confirmations to custom pre-visit instructions based on services. Voice, text & email included.

Appointment Reminders

Reduce no-shows with a reminders strategy that works. Customers have seen their no-shows drop down to just 4%, by leveraging Clearwave’s unique features. With Clearwave Reminders, you can customize the message, set specific arrival times for patients and send additional reminders, based on your pre-determined cadences. Choose email, text and/or voice and watch your no-shows drop without staff intervention.

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Multi-Lingual Communications​

Let patients engage how they’re most comfortable in 13 popular languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Persian/Farsi, Korean, Albanian, Arabic, Vietnamese, Chinese, Haitian Creole and French.

Multi-Lingual Communications

Clearwave offers the ability let patients select their preferred language for registration and communications from your practice. Once a patient's language is set on their account, Clearwave will remember that language and automatically use it in the future for patient registration, reminders and recalls. English and Spanish are included, with 13 total supported languages available to your practice.

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Next-Generation Check-In Kiosks​

Modernize patient registration and drop check-in time to under 2 minutes. Our next-generation kiosks speed up payment collection and help you capture cleaner data. ​

Next-Generation Check-In Kiosks

Drop check-in time to under 2 minutes while collecting cleaner patient data and increasing co-pay collection. Clients see 99% patient adoption of self-service kiosks, drastically reducing staff workloads, which enable them to focus on other areas of the business, like answering calls and preparing for tomorrow’s patients.

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Flexible Patient Communications​

Keep patients on-time and in the loop about critical administrative needs. Send timely notifications about office closures or providers calling out sick and more.​

Flexible Patient Communications

The patient communications you need, from the all-in-one solution you already rely on to optimize staff workloads. Use hands-off, digital communications to reduce lapsed patients and maximize physician schedules. Engage your patients with engaging reminders, recalls, mass messaging and two-way texting.

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Real-Time PMS/EMR Integration​

Consolidate vendors to get more done. Clearwave integrates with 50+ PMS/EHRs to provide the automated and self-service solutions you need. Reduce staff burdens and meet patient expectations with less vendors!​

Real-Time PMS/EHR Integration

From scheduling to verification, registration and beyond, Clearwave remains connected with your PMS/EHR. Ensure you’ve got data where you need it most. Patient information captured in Clearwave flows seamlessly back into your PMS and EHR. For example, Clearwave automatically maps payers to appointment types, matching and inputting the correct co-pay amount to patient accounts without staff involvement.

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