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Sometimes it's about leveraging strengths and coming together to be a powerhouse for those who need to get the most from their vendors. Introducing our partners who do exactly that. Streamline patient estimations, get paid faster and accelerate patient acquisition and retention, with Clearwave and our top-line vendor partners.

Meet Our Preferred Partners

Collect Revenue. Faster.

Rivet Health is the leading healthcare A/R acceleration platform for hundreds of practices and hospitals across the nation. Rivet integrates seamlessly with Clearwave to drive scalable revenue expansion through accurate, multi-language patient cost estimates that are compliant with the No Surprises Act. Provide patients with financial transparency driven by real-time automated insurance verification and up-front payment capabilities.

Automate Practice Growth.

SocialClimb is a healthcare marketing platform built to help you acquire high-value patients by improving your online reputation, delivering targeted ads to the right audience and measuring the effectiveness of your marketing dollars. Through a combined partnership, you can accelerate patient acquisition, at lower costs, by leveraging the power of Clearwave and SocialClimb. Increase patients, their lifetime value and your bottom line.

Rectangle Health is built to simplify the business side of healthcare. Their easy-to-use technology equips healthcare operations with the tools they need to thrive economically. Combined with Clearwave, you can accelerate collections while improving the patient-provider relationship and easing administrative and billing processes.

InstaMed is an innovative payment and billing solution, delivering the experience today’s patients want with personalized payment options that build loyalty and help improve financial performance. Combined with Clearwave, your practice can accelerate collections and streamline back-end billing processes, while meeting the needs of today’s patients.

Improve Your Reputation.

In an increasingly important virtual marketplace, MDidentity is built to help your practice manage your digital reputation. Implement an automated approach to accelerate outreach and positive reviews for your practice. MDidentity integrates seamlessly with Clearwave to help you drive positive reviews from your most satisfied patients. Improve your practice and provider's reputation while enhancing the patient experience.

Elevate Financial, Clinical & Patient Outcomes.

Keena is a healthcare optimization organization focused on helping specialty practices, hospitals and health systems improve workflow and insight into clinical and financial systems. Clearwave and Keena have been trusted partners in the healthcare technology industry for over a decade, helping practices increase revenue and elevate patient care. 

Capture & Convert More Leads.

MDprospects is a web-based software tool designed for medical practices to manage leads, maximize patient conversion rates and increase revenue. Clearwave and MDprospects integrate seamlessly to help practices drive awareness and accelerate patient acquisition and retention - all to fuel practice growth. Bring in more patients and tailor their experiences to ensure satisfaction and revenue.                                                                        

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Clearwave's EMR/PMS Integration Partners

Clearwave seamlessly integrates with more than 50 widely used electronic medical records (EMR) and practice management systems (PMS). Seamless integration helps practices reduce their IT footprint and ensure data accuracy. Clearwave complements your existing systems by maximizing new patient acquisitions, improving data capture, instantly verifying insurance, increasing collections and enabling true self-service registration at your practice. Better yet, your patients won’t have to remember their portal or app password to schedule and check-in for their next appointment. 

We Work Together to Help Practices Drive Revenue

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Insights on Driving Patient Acquisition & Practice Growth

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