A Revenue-Driving Patient Estimations Strategy

Concord Orthopaedics is committed to providing high-quality specialty orthopaedic care across their seven locations in New Hampshire. With a high number of patients and new regulations around Good Faith Estimates set forth by The No Surprise Act, Concord Orthopaedics’ Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jennifer White, leaned into technology to launch their estimations strategy. White shares the patient estimation approach the practice uses to automatically verify patient insurance, determine deductibles, estimate patient self-pay responsibility and collect payments before rendering care. Watch the full conversation on going “Beyond Good Faith Estimates” for more insight on accelerating practice cash flow.

Patient Engagement Results:

  • Increased self-pay collections by 5%
  • 53% of the increase in self-pay collections resulted from their estimations approach
  • Average monthly collections: $127,111
  • Copays collected via kiosk in last 6 months: ~$240,886