Patient Registration

Flexibility and efficiency at patient check-in on mobile, tablet, kiosk — or a device combination. Give your practice an advantage and accelerate cash flow, collections and throughput.

How Clearwave's Patient Check-in
System Drives Revenue

The digital-first experiences patients want, and the solution turbo-charged for practice revenue growth. See how Clearwave's digital patient check-in systems can help your practice improve data entry, claims processing and throughput.



How Our Patient Check-in System Improves Pre-Registration

No more wasted time filling out forms in the waiting room. Patients can complete all the necessary demographic and medical history information in advance on their own device. Pre-Registration from Clearwave ensures patients provide thorough and accurate data you can see in real-time, enabling you to customize patient workflows or even offer premium services. See patient financial responsibility as soon as an appointment is booked, and collect payment upfront for larger procedures. Drastically reduce no-show percentages with better patient engagement and ease-of use. They see convenience and independence — you see a smooth, maintained cash flow. And once their information is in the system, they’ll never have to fill out the same forms again on subsequent visits.

Clinical Intake

How Our Patient Check-in System Improves Clinical Intake

Reduce the staff effort required to capture clinical intake data and ensure accuracy. Have your patients complete their medical history and clinical intake by adding custom or standard clinical intake forms to your Clearwave pre-registration workflows. Patients will complete these forms as the last step in their pre-check and their information will flow into your EHR/PMS system by PDF or discrete data field updates. Capture clinical intake ahead of time to reduce check-in times and streamline the patient experience.

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Mobile Check-In

How Mobile Patient Check-In Improves Registration

Clearwave Connect for Mobile gives you the flexibility to offer patients the ability to check-in confidentially and conveniently from their personal device. This promotes safe zero-contact check-in protocols, and the implementation of virtual waiting rooms. Self-service check-in dramatically reduces patient wait time, too – driving higher patient satisfaction and loyalty.


Tablet Check-In

How Our Patient Check-In Tablets Improve Registration

Clearwave patient check-in via tablet gives your patients a confidential, flexible check-in, right from your practice's own tablets.

Whether used to reduce front desk check-in lines, provide hand-held options for patients with mobility challenges or offer a more private check-in experience, tablet patient check-in is an excellent adaptation for your practice. Easily collect data and payments through patient self-service for a smooth flow and satisfying patient experience.


Kiosk Check-In

How Patient Check-In Kiosks Improve Registration

Clearwave's ADA-compliant Kiosks transform your front office with quicker patient self-check-in at one or more devices. Collect the most accurate billable patient data for cleaner claims and quick reimbursement. With two ADA-compliant kiosk models to choose from, find the best fit for your office and floor plan. Allow the smoother, more centralized flow of patient, eligibility and payment information to improve your processes and allocate front office staff to the most productive tasks and functions.

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How It Works: 6 Points To Revenue-Focused Patient Registration

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An appointment reminder is sent. Patient gets an early text or email — or real-time text message if same-day visit. Eligibility verification has already started, automatically.

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The patient arrives for their visit. Their information is complete, updated & pre-verified.

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Pre-registration and clinical intake is prompted and complete. Insurance cards & driver's license scanned. All pre-registration and clinical intake data is now visible in your PM system.

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The patient checks in and pays their point-of-service responsibility (including past-due balances). Patients can self-check-in on mobile, or in-office using tablets or kiosks.

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An overview is available in the dashboard. Staff reviews and fixes/clears any alerts identified by Clearwave. The day’s schedule is prepped — open spots can be filled at any time.

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The patient is now ready to be seen. The process is expedited and efficient, with minimal staff intervention.

Create Frictionless Patient Check-In with Clearwave Registration for Mobile

Make check-in easy for patients by making it passwordless and portal free. Learn how Clearwave Registration for Mobile helps patients register using their phones, without needing an extra app or login information. Demonstrate your commitment to patient-centric care and increase point-of-service collections in the most seamless format possible with Clearwave Registration.

Clearwave Connect for Mobile

We’re Stronger When We Support Each Other

High-growth practices choose technology solutions by evaluating price, fit and partnership. Your practice will grow further, faster with a vendor partner who CAREs about your outcomes, your challenges and your patients. At Clearwave, our experience working with medical practices of all sizes and across specialties has shaped our belief that we’re stronger when we support each other – that's why we provide clearwaveCARE. With a focus on building lifelong partnerships, your experience will go beyond technology to ensure you maximize value.

“Using Clearwave, we have been able to maximize our provider schedules, a significant number of patients have joined our practice, a lot of patients are scheduling last-minute appointments, taking a spot that would have otherwise been empty due to other patients canceling or rescheduling.”

94% reduction

in claims rejections

174% increase

in monthly patient visits

$400K increase

in new LASIK revenue, while dropping advertising by $5K per month

“When patients come in to see us, we have all this new technology, and… we hand you a clipboard? It doesn’t match up. We want to mirror that exceptional patient experience from the back of the practice to the front of the practice”

112% increase

in point-of-service collections

128% increase

in eligibility checks completed

< 3 Minute

Check-in Time

“With Clearwave we now have a user-friendly system that handles the bulk of the data validation before patients walk in the door. Expediting the patient check-in process and having a better-quality experience has been a win-win for everyone, especially our patients.” - Leeann Garms, CEO | Raleigh Neurology Associates


Increase in point-of-service collections year-over-year


Reduction in check-in times for returning patients


Average monthly patient data updates at kiosk, which flows directly into their athenahealth system

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