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Automated Reminders​

Finally, a reminders solution that works as intended. Customizable features make reminders work for you and your patients, dropping no-show rates down to just 4% or lower.​

Automated Reminders

Get patients to your practice on-time while reducing your no-show rate down to 4% or less. Add links to your reminders enabling patients to confirm, pre-register or modify their appointment! Clearwave Reminders also let you customize patient arrival times, messages and send cadences. Want to send multiple reminders via voice, email or text? Do it. Need to send pre-visit instructions based on appointment service? No problem. Make your reminders work for you, not against you.

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Self-Service Registration​

Give patients the option to skip the line! Provide the self-service experience patients are accustomed to, from the airport to the grocery store and now their healthcare provider!​

Self-Service Registration

Provide the self-service experience that today’s consumers—from Gen Z to Baby Boomer—expect in all areas of their lives. Use digital patient self-registration via kiosk, mobile or tablet. Self-registration provides patients with a secure and private way to complete delicate healthcare information and make payments. See why 99% of patients are adopting self-registration.

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Easy Scheduling Options​

Make it easy for patients to book appointments 24/7 or even join your waitlist!​

Easy Scheduling Options

Patients want the freedom to book appointments at their convenience, just like booking a flight online. Clearwave scheduling helps you provide this convenience to your patients, with 24/7 digital scheduling that matches your patients demands while meeting provider and practice requirements.

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Appointment Recalls ​

Minimize lapsed patients and maximize schedules! Clearwave Recalls run in the background, automatically communicating with existing patients to book their next appointment.​

Appointment Recalls

Keep patient health top-of-mind. Send automated recall messages to patients that are due for their next visit and free your staff from hours of extra work. Automatically enroll patients in your pre-determined recall cadence, creating a fully hands-off approach and keeping your practice top-of-mind for loyal patients. Set automated recall cadences by appointment type or send specific patients a recall.

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Express Check-In​

Enable patients to complete their health information ahead of time, either on-the-go or from their own home via pre-registration. ​

Express Check-In

Enable patients to complete health information ahead of time, either on-the-go or from their own home via pre-registration. When patients step into the office, all they’ll need to do is sign in and pay before they’re called back in seconds. Clearwave's express check-in with smart logic recognizes patients who've recently been seen, further streamlining the process and removing unnecessary questions. Improve patient satisfaction with faster check-in and watch your reviews flourish!

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On-Demand Reminders​

Send on-demand reminders to individual or targeted patients. Encourage them to complete pre-registration and show up on time! ​

On-Demand Reminders

Increase pre-registration completion rates and drop no-shows! In the Clearwave Dashboard, staff can quickly filter to patients who did not receive reminders or have not yet taken action, (i.e. haven’t confirmed or completed pre-registration.) Then, staff can instantly send additional reminders to patients with the click-of-a-button. Staff can even customize messages to encourage patients to confirm appointments or complete pre-registration!

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Two-Way Texting​

Send focused, efficient messages to your individual patients. Easily chat with patients or send templated responses to reduce staff workloads. ​​

Two-Way Texting

Easily chat with patients or send templated responses. Provide instructions, send alerts or advise companions of completed procedures. No clunky portals or downloads needed, just a clear approach to patient communication. Re-use standard/saved responses to cut down on time spent. Create automatic responses to inbound messages that occur outside of office hours or during holidays!

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Patient-Focused Messaging​

Send administrative messages with the push-of-a-button! Notify patients when their provider is out, send urgent office closures and more. ​

Patient-Focused Messaging

Share practice announcements and instantly communicate urgent practice messages, like office closures, to keep your patients in the know! Send all-patient messages or target specific patient groups based on appointment type, date, time, status, provider or location. Determine your audience, customize your message, add links and get in touch fast!

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Premium Service Upsell​

Boost patient awareness and interest for premium services. Our ophthalmology and dermatology clients use this feature to increase patient bookings for LASIK and Botox!​

Premium Service Upsell

Reduce your ad spend while increasing premium service bookings! Build patient awareness of other service offerings without bombarding them with ads. Simply allow your existing patients to opt-in to learn more about services that apply to them. Even target patients of interest, based on demographics like age, gender, service type and more.

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