31% Increase in co-pay collections for Cary Dermatology

Cary Dermatology, a rapidly growing practice, implemented self-registration solutions to reduce check-in times and staff workloads. See how the practice achieves 96% patient adoption of self-registration tools, resulting in a 31% increase in co-pay collections, an average check-in time of 2 minutes, 15 seconds and significant improvements to data capture and claims processing.  

Practice Manager, Mary Ann McNeill, shares how pre-check links and self-registration kiosks have supported their practice’s rapid growth, improving their staff’s daily routines and reducing churn. Read their story. 

Patient Revenue Results: 

  • 31% increase in co-pay collections 
  • 2min 15 sec: average check-in time 
  • 1min 30 sec: average pre-check time 
  • 96% patient self-check-in utilization
  • 54% of appointments pre-checked 
  • 71% of appointments w/reminders confirmed