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Multi-Factor Eligibility™

Our unique, Multi-Factor Eligibility™ solution is proven to drop staff workloads by increasing efficiency in a way that outperforms other automated verification solutions, by reducing claim rejections by 94% or more!

Multi-Factor Eligibility™

Clearwave automatically runs eligibility on average 7x per patient encounter, meaning your practice has the most up-to-date information. These are fee-free checks that require no staff involvement! With this approach, staff spend seconds, not hours, solving insurance discrepancies, which can lead to a 100% drop in claim rejections due to bad data.

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Card-On-File Payments

Collect patient card-on-file information in Clearwave and use that same card to collect payment!​

Card-on-File Payments

Make the payment process easier for your patients and practice. Give patients the option to keep their card-on-file for seamless future payments. Clearwave can securely capture card information and patient consents, which then flow into your PMS. Use this information to increase collections, reduce bad debt and make future transactions faster. Depending on your payment vendor, Clearwave can both collect and capture card-on-file payments.

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Staff Control Center​

The Clearwave Dashboard provides a real-time, holistic view of all patient appointments, with individual coverage details like—plan type, remaining deductible, Medicare/Medicaid and more—just one click away.​

Staff Control Center

With Clearwave’s all-patient dashboard and simple flagging system, staff can narrow in on patients with insurance discrepancies that require their attention. With one click, staff can drill into individual patient insurance information like remaining deductible, co-pay, plan name/type, conflicts, Medicare/Medicaid and more. The Clearwave Dashboard normalizes different payer responses and only presents the information that is relevant to your specific specialty.

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Point-Of-Service Collections​

Drop post-service billing costs and effort by increasing your point-of-service collection rate. Digitally collect patient co-pays, past-due and estimated balances instantly during check-in.​

Point-Of-Service Collections

Automatically present the most accurate co-pays to patients and ask for payment at each check-in, helping you increase collections by upwards of 112% on average. Clearwave will consistently ask and collect patient co-pays, past-due balances and even estimations. All payments are updated at the visit or account level through seamless integration with your PMS. Clearwave integrates into your existing payment processor or via a Clearwave preferred partner for advanced payment features.

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Self-Pay Collections​

Digitally collect desired self-pay amounts—per the scheduled appointment service—during patient check-in, automatically.​

Self-Pay Collections

Determine and collect payments from self-pay patients with ease. Clearwave’s payment features can be customized based on your practice's pre-determined, self-pay collection process. Collect the way you always have, just digitally and without staff intervention. Increase reimbursement and make it simple, quick and easy for your practice to boost self-pay collections.

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Patient Payment Insights & Trends​

Staff can quickly see which patients have/haven’t made payments, what’s owed at check-in and much more. Choose all-patient or individual views and take action to increase collections during check-in.​

Patient Payment Insights & Trends

You don't know what patient engagement reports you're missing until they're at your fingertips! The Clearwave Dashboard enables your staff to quickly see which patients have paid, what they owe and much more. Get insights on co-pay collections, visit statistics, eligibility verification, add-on appointments and much more!

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Estimations Generator ​

Collect more, faster. Make providing and collecting patient cost estimates a breeze. Powered by Rivet Health.​

Estimations Generator

Don’t just send good faith estimations, use them to increase revenue streams at your practice! With Clearwave and Rivet Health, you can send accurate patient estimations with the push-of-a-button and collect them digitally at check-in. Clients have used this approach to increase self-pay collections by 53%!

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Medicaid Patient Identification​

Quickly verify if patients have Medicaid coverage, a managed care plan or a replacement plan.​

Medicaid Patient Identification

With Clearwave, Medicaid patients won't fall to the wayside. Clearwave can instantly flag these patients on the dashboard for staff to follow up on. Additionally, with one click on the Clearwave dashboard, staff can quickly see more details on whether the patient has Medicaid coverage, a managed care plan or a replacement plan.

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Eligibility at Scheduling​

Automatically collect and verify eligibility benefits during appointment scheduling and prompt patients to solve errors ahead of time. ​

Eligibility at Scheduling

Ensure your patients are directed to the right services based on their coverage and healthcare needs. Clearwave Scheduling will run eligibility during bookings and alert patients or staff to any errors with insurance. This one-of-a-kind check, helps patients remember to update their insurance information, saving your staff the hassle and speeding up claims processing down the line.

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VSP Authorizations​

Verify VSP eligibility and manage VSP authorizations through our direct connection to Eyefinity.

VSP Authorizations

Clearwave gives practices the ability to request and manage VSP authorization through our direct connection to Eyefinity, which is verified and displayed in the Dashboard. Rules can be applied to batches to pull materials, services or both, and can be set to only pull for selected providers, services or locations.

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Robust Payer Network Ecosystem ​

Clearwave will automatically resubmit errored eligibility transactions, increasing the number of active insurances returned and reducing claim rejections and staff workloads in one fell swoop.​

Robust Payer Network Ecosystem

Clearwave pulls insurance data from multiple clearing houses and has connections with over 900 payers, which means instant responses from over 95% of your payers. As a result, Clearwave increases the number of active insurances returned and improves your ability to collect accurate co-pays and process clean claims.

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Out-Of-Network Notifications​

Automatically create tasks for your staff to notify them of whether a patient is in or out-of-network. Even adjust these tasks to your practice's own individual rules for out-of-network patients! ​

Out-of-network Notification

Make the Clearwave dashboard work to support your practice's unique rules for patients who are out-of-network! Create and automate tasks for your staff to help them easily identify whether a patient is in or out-of-network. Even adjust these tasks to your practice's own individual rules for out-of-network patients! Use this feature to streamline overall billing operations for these patients.

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