Staff Control Center

The Clearwave Dashboard becomes your staff’s control center, helping them narrow in on patient appointments or insurance discrepancies that require their attention. See how you can put the dashboard to work to help your billing and front desk staff save time while completing important steps prior to patient visits.

eligibility dashboard

Streamline Appointment & Eligibility Tasks for Staff

Clearwaver’s one-of-a-kind dashboard helps staff manage patient check-in, eligibility verification and overall appointment preparedness. Give your staff the power to track and manage pre-verification steps, prior-authorization status and much more — all in one place!

Simplified Insurance Verification

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Simplified Insurance Verification

Free your staff from the time-consuming tasks associated with eligibility verification and reduce errors with greater data accuracy. With Clearwave’s all-patient dashboard and simple flagging system, staff can narrow in on patients with insurance discrepancies that require their attention and easily find add-ons for verification tasks. Staff can view weekly schedules or today's patients in one single, all-patient view. This centralized scheduling view in the dashboard reduces the need for staff to toggle between multiple payer portals or patient accounts — dropping verification workloads by hours. Additionally, with one click, staff can see individual patient eligibility and benefits Reports, co-pays, data conflicts, HMO payers, eligibility exceptions and much more.

Appointment Manager

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Appointment Manager

Clearwave Appointment Manager gives your staff the power to stay on top of key tasks and manage overall patient preparedness for their visit. Front Desk and Billing staff can quickly filter and sort appointments through interactive patient lists, helping them focus on those that require their attention. Clients use Appointment Manager to identify add-ons for insurance verification tasks, send on-demand reminders, boost pre-registration rates, review patient appointments at a glance, follow-up with patients with invalid contact information and much more!

Payment & Visits Statistics

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Payment & Visits Statistics

In the dashboard, staff can quickly see key visit statistics in one, all-patient viewpoint. They can see whether patients have checked in, pre-checked, completed clinical intake and more. For patient payments, staff can see which patients have paid and what they owe — all on the dashboard. With one click, staff can drill into individual patient insurance information like remaining deductible, co-pay, plan name/type, conflicts, Medicare/Medicaid and more. Additionally, the Clearwave Dashboard normalizes different payer responses, presenting your staff with only the information that is relevant to your specific specialty. As a result, staff no longer have to comb through never-ending eligibility and benefits reports to find the information they need. The dashboard is your staff's one-stop view to take care of any appointment ore insurance-related tasks!

Custom Staff Tasks

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Custom Staff Tasks

Using Clearwave’s dashboard and one-of-a-kind rules engine, you can easily create customized alerts and statuses for staff, urging them to complete specific tasks before a patient’s appointment. Find unique ways to optimize your staff’s workload every day. Clients typically use these custom staff workflows to track and manage eligibility verification tasks, self-pay patients, pre-verification steps, prior-authorization status and more.

“The excellent customer service we receive today is the same as the day we signed our contract. It is easy to tell they are genuine and not just trying to sell their product. Behind the scenes, they monitor our account and proactively reach out with suggestions to help make us more successful.”


Increase in point-of-service collections


Average check-in time


Drop in waiting room time

"Clearwave has put a stop to our prior authentication challenges. If there’s an insurance change, we know about it and we can act on it. It’s been a huge relief for our billing and claims processes."


Kiosk utilization

1M 38S

Average check-in time


Monthly co-pay collection rate, and growing

"When we implemented Clearwave, over the next few months we saw claims starting to process quicker. We saw less denials. You don't know what your practice is truly missing until you have Clearwave."


Drop in check-in times


Increase in co-pay collection rate


of appts. with reminders confirmed

“The Clearwave Eligibility dashboard and flagging system have helped us reduce our denials. Clearwave gives us a way to understand insurance errors so we can proactively solve them, which helps us collect more at check-in and reduce claim rejections on the back end.” - Karri Little, Insurance Verifier Lead | The CardioVascular Group


decrease in average check-in time

2m 11s

average check-in time


active insurance rate


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High-growth practices choose technology solutions by evaluating price, fit and partnership. Your practice will grow further, faster with a vendor partner who CAREs about your outcomes, your challenges and your patients. At Clearwave, our experience working with medical practices of all sizes and across specialties has shaped our belief that we’re stronger when we support each other – that's why we provide clearwaveCARE. With a focus on building lifelong partnerships, your experience will go beyond technology to ensure you maximize value.

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