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Announcing Clearwave's acquisition of Odoro

Better Patient Scheduling is Just a Click Away

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Specialty Practices


One medical practice reduced patient check-in times to just two minutes while decreasing front-desk staffing by $78,000 a year using digital check-in.
Physician Practices


Across the country, physician practices use self-service check-in to capture point-of-service collections and update patient data directly into the EHR.
Hospital & Health Systems


One large system introduced digital check-ins at its orthopedic clinic—and is now rolling out the solution to all of its outpatient clinics.


Looking to increase your practice’s profitability? Use our ROI calculator to estimate optimized revenue with Clearwave's patient intake, eligibility, and payment tools.

Reduce denials with multiple automatic, real-time insurance eligibility checks customized to return benefit data your practice cares about.

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New Possibilities for Your Practice

Reduce patient check-in times to three minutes or less. Lines are reduced, throughput improved

Change the psychology of patient payment, driving double-digit increases in point-of-service collections

Get real-time insurance eligibility verification

Automatically verify patient insurance eligibility in real time, reduce your number of rejected claims and decrease eligibility workloads

Offer your patients the flexibility of choice

Check patients in via Clearwave’s kiosk, tablet or mobile app, whichever they’re most comfortable with, and make check-in painless

Customize your patient experience

Check in patients with up to 13 languages and customize forms and questions to make the process more easily understood making check-in more efficient

Improve your staff productivity

Give patients the power to check in and make and schedule payments, so front-desk staff can spend less time answering questions and more time caring for patients

Case Studies

Learn how one orthopedic clinic increased point-of-service collections by more than 50%

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Learn how an eye group reduced patient check-in times from 25 minutes to 2 minutes.

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Learn how a world-famous orthopaedic clinic gained 99% patient utilization, and reduced patient check-in times from 30 – 40 minutes to 2 minutes and 30 seconds. (link to Andrews Orthpaedic case study)

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Patients checked-in

Patients with real-time insurance verified

Patients that didn’t need a clipboard