Patient Check In with Real-Time Insurance Eligibility Check

ClearwaveTM is transforming healthcare to better serve the needs of patients and physicians. ClearwaveTM is a digital patient self-service engagement platform that allows patients to check in for appointments, remit payments and verifies patients’ insurance eligibility in real-time. ClearwaveTM accelerates front end revenue by dramatically increasing point of service collections by over 20% and decreasing patient check-in time by 85% on average.

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Patients Checked-In


One large system introduced digital check-ins at its orthopedic clinic—and is now rolling out the solution to all of its outpatient clinics.
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Across the country, physician practices use self-service check-in to capture point-of-service collections and update patient data directly into the EHR.
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One medical practice reduced patient check-in times to just two minutes while decreasing front-desk staffing by $78,000 a year using digital check-in.
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Benefits & Features

Real-time data authentication

Real-time eligibility of benefits and demographic data improves clean claim rates by prompting patients to correct errors at check-in.

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Mobile check-in solutions

Our mobile check-in tool gives patients the power to manage their check-in from their home or on the go.

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Collections at the Point of Service

Our automated approach changes the psychology of patient payment, driving double-digit increases in point-of-service collections.

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Customized patient experience

Patients are prompted only for the information needed. Driver’s licenses and benefits cards are scanned at the kiosk and stored securely for ease of access.

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Patients who use ClearwaveTM to check-in  spend less than 3 minutes

Meet the ClearwaveTM “Solutions Guy”

Each week Eric Anderson, Chief Operating Officer, will explore a different healthcare problem that Clearwave technology helps solve.


Deep Impact on Patient Revenue

At UAB Medicine's orthopedics clinic, point-of-service collections have increased 54% since implementing Clearwave's digital platform. Find out how.

Recent Case Study

Thomas Eye Group

When Atlanta-based Thomas Eye Group implemented self-service check-in, the clinic expected a reduction in patient wait times, which dropped from 25 minutes to just two minutes. But the practice also experienced a healthy boost in revenue. Days in accounts receivable decreased 13 days, while the number of patients seen increased 7%.

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Thomas Eye Group
“We offer a concierge to walk patients through the digital check-in process, but our senior patients are likely to wave the concierge off. They want the satisfaction of mastering this tool on their own.”

Rob Crabtree

Administrative Director of Orthopedics

UAB Medicine

Birmingham, Alabama