The Patient Revenue Platform™

Increase Patients, Drop Workloads

From self-service scheduling and registration to communications, eligibility verification and payment — Clearwave is built to put revenue back into your pocket while meeting patient demands and dropping hours of staff workloads.

Reduce Administrative Burdens, Training Time & Costs

Clearwave provides automated and truly self-service solutions to reduce staff workloads and meet patient demands. High-growth practices use Clearwave to boost patient volumes, without increasing full-time employee numbers and payroll. Reduce administrative tasks, reallocate FTE resources and see more patients without overburdening your current workforce. Clearwave makes it all possible.

True Self-Service

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True Self-Service

Clearwave Registration enables truly self-service and passwordless registration that drives an average of 96% patient adoption — meaning staff only intervene in check-in about 4% of the time. With less staff intervention in registration and clinical intake, high-growth practices see immediate results like improved data capture, cleaner claims submissions, increased point-of-service collections and reduced full-time employee workloads. Without mundane and tedious registration tasks, you can reallocate staff resources to other areas of your practice, save FTE funds and reduce burnout.

Clearwave Scheduling enables specialty practices to reduce phone hold times and staff workloads by directing a majority of new and existing patients to book appointments online. Increase patient volume and fill your appointment slots all without adding additional employees to your payroll. With staffing shortages and churn, your practice is likely to face increased phone traffic, lost bookings and scheduling errors. Use Clearwave to put scheduling on autopilot for your practice, enabling patients to book 24/7 and staff to focus their attention on other administrative tasks.

Boost Collections


Boost Point-of-Service Collections

Clearwave automatically maps payers to appointment types, matching and inputting the correct co-pay amount to patient accounts without staff involvement. Clearwave’s Multi-Factor Eligibility™ solution also verifies insurance at every critical patient interaction to ensure coverage has not lapsed, all without added fees per transaction. As a result, practices can present accurate co-pays at check-in and drive immediate improvements to co-pay collection.

With self-registration kiosks, mobile and tablet, practices can present payments to patients privately and in a way that has proven to boost collections for co-pays, past-due balances and even estimations!

Reduce Eligibility Tasks


Reduce Eligibility Tasks

Free your staff from the time-consuming tasks associated with eligibility verification and reduce errors with greater data accuracy. Clearwave’s Multi-Factor Eligibility™ solution reduces the time it takes to verify insurance by instantly determining all-patient benefits. Your staff will no longer have to confirm benefits on a patient-by-patient basis. Instead, Clearwave’s presentation of data and simple flagging system, enable staff to seamlessly narrow their focus on the patients with insurance discrepancies that require their attention, which drops verification workloads by hours. The centralized scheduling view in the dashboard removes the need for staff to toggle between multiple payer portals or patient accounts. With time saved, practices can reallocate staff resources and FTE spending to other areas. 

Improve Patient Experiences


Improve Patient Experiences & Diminish Wait Times

Drop wait times by upwards of 90% and improve your patient experience and reviews! Clearwave Registration helps growing practices provide the streamlined and convenient check-in approach that today's patients demand. Give patients the option to pre-check and complete clinical intake from the comfort of their own homes. Drop wait times with self-service registration (via kiosks, mobile or tablet.) Give your patients a way to discreetly and quickly make payments. With Clearwave Registration, practices can see more patients every day, while keeping schedules on track and reducing data entry errors. Whether you want to grow your practice or simply keep up with the number of patients you’re seeing — Clearwave makes it happen while improving the overall patient experience and dropping staff workloads.

Decrease Staff Turnover

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Decrease Staff Turnover & Costs

Staff turnover remains a never-ending thorn in the side of growth for practices. The constant cycle of training and rehiring drains practice efficiency and costs while putting added pressure on veteran workers, which results in increased staff burnout. Clearwave's proven automation and truly self-service solutions save hours of staff time, reduce tedius tasks, diminish new-hire training time and—most importantly—create happier staff. With Clearwave, practices can grow and see more patients, with fewer administrative staff on the payroll. You can too. Put time and money back into your practice, with Clearwave!


We’re Stronger When We Support Each Other

High-growth practices choose technology solutions by evaluating price, fit and partnership. Your practice will grow further, faster with a vendor partner who CAREs about your outcomes, your challenges and your patients. At Clearwave, our experience working with medical practices of all sizes and across specialties has shaped our belief that we’re stronger when we support each other – that's why we provide clearwaveCARE. With a focus on building lifelong partnerships, your experience will go beyond technology to ensure you maximize value.

“The online scheduler has been huge in helping book patients in the way that meets provider requirements, and now it is really on autopilot for us. It has been so seamless and a great convenience for our patients and relief for our staff.”


increase patient acquisition all day, every day


patient adoption of self-scheduling


of appointments booked online are new patients

“Using Clearwave, we have been able to maximize our provider schedules, a significant number of patients have joined our practice, a lot of patients are scheduling last-minute appointments, taking a spot that would have otherwise been empty due to other patients canceling or rescheduling.”

94% reduction

in claims rejections

174% increase

in monthly patient visits

$400K increase

in new LASIK revenue, while dropping advertising by $5K per month

“The impact on our staff, especially as the practice grew, became overwhelming — since so much of our operation was manual. We knew we needed to automate, and that’s what led us to Clearwave.”


increase in point-of-service collections


current average no-show rate


current average check-in time

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