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As a strong supporter of ophthalmology practices, our tools turbo-charge revenue, instantly verify vision and medical eligibility, make the front desk’s workload easier and create an exceptional patient experience. Increase premium service bookings and get paid faster with Clearwave.

VSP Connection

Instant Vision Payer Connection

Clearwave enables practices to instantly check VSP eligibility and get authorizations through our direct connection to Eyefinity.

Most PM systems will help you accomplish some of this - Clearwave truly lifts the burden from your administrative staff, making your employees and practice more efficient and productive.

Medical and Vision Eligibility Check


Collect Patient Consent & Co-pays in Advance

Significantly increase point-of-service collections with Clearwave. Obtain patient consent and co-pays before a visit, and verify which services can be provided as the patient checks in. Use Clearwave Card-on-File to collect payment digitally for the patient's responsibility, whether it turns out to be a vision or medical claim. 

Instantly reduce staff workload and follow-up efforts, and increase patient responsibility revenue.

Drive Targeted Premium Services


Direct Patients to Premium Services

Use collected demographic data to seamlessly direct relevant patients to premium ophthalmology services.

Does your practice offer services like Laser Vision Correction (LVC), Advanced Cataract Surgery, Dry Eye or Botox treatments? Clearwave allows practices to build a simple check-in workflow that creates patient awareness of additional, revenue-driving services in just seconds, and lets you know they've expressed an interest as they check in.

Save your staff from awkward scripts and conversations. Create significant, immediate advertising savings and reach just the right audience. 

One-and-Done Registration


One-and-Done Registration

Ophthalmology treatments frequently entail multiple visits. Spare your patients the frustration of filling out redundant forms every time. Once their medical histories and other pertinent data are on Clearwave, there’s no need for them to enter the same information for subsequent visits.

Ease of Use for All Patients


Ease of Use for Patients

Clearwave's been tested and proven across a wide demographic spectrum. Patients of all ages appreciate the convenience of self-service for scheduling, registration, check-in and payment.


The Benefits are Booming

Mann Eye increased POS Collections by 112%
Thomas Eye Group Reduced Rejected Insurance Claims by 94%
Marietta Eye Clinic reduced required registration staff by 33%, reallocating them to higher-value activities
of patients at Katzen Eye Group pay outstanding balances at the ADA-compliant kiosk

“Using Clearwave, we have been able to maximize our provider schedules, a significant number of patients have joined our practice, a lot of patients are scheduling last-minute appointments, taking a spot that would have otherwise been empty due to other patients canceling or rescheduling.”

94% reduction

in claims rejections

174% increase

in monthly patient visits

$400K increase

in new LASIK revenue, while dropping advertising by $5K per month

"The introduction of Clearwave has create a paradigm shift for our practice. Prior to Clearwave, we struggled with getting good quality information from patients and producing clean claims – this has changed dramatically. We have become a model of business efficiency!"


Patient utilization of Clearwave kiosks


Average reduction in check-in time

2m 30s

Average check-in time

“With the constant HR challenges we face every day, we needed a solution that would provide patients with the option for self-service registration. Clearwave is the only solution on the market that has a comprehensive registration and eligibility workflow.”


patients pay outstanding balances at kiosk


patients make demographic & insurance updates


Patient utilization of self-registration

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