Simplified Patient Interactions
for Cancer Care

Delivering quality care is at the heart of your practice. Clearwave enables faster time-to-revenue while making everything simpler for patients coming into your office. Free up staff to focus on high-value tasks, streamline operations, increase acquisition and provide a top-line patient experience.

For High-Growth Oncology Practices

Clearwave's patient revenue platform addresses the biggest pre-visit, visit and post-visit challenges for high-growth oncology practices in one simple, centralized solution.

Ease of Use for Patients


Ease of Use for Patients

Clearwave simplifies patient scheduling, check-in, reminders and co-pays — whether from a mobile phone or in-office — streamlining time to revenue.

Patients can complete registration in advance, and spend less time in the waiting areas. Use custom questions in your check-in workflows to ask if a patient would prefer to be seated or if they would like to request a wheelchair. All information is sent to the dashboard in real-time and will notify staff if help is required. Clearwave makes new appointments and office visits simpler while putting revenue back into your Oncology practice.

Eligibility Verification


Transparency in Advance

Clearwave instantly automates verification on average at seven patient touchpoints. Automated eligibility verification runs in just seconds, without staff intervention, and offers patients and practices financial transparency. See patient co-pays and estimated financial responsibility and collect payment right at the point of service. Pre-validate coverage in advance to increase time-to-revenue and reduce patient responsibility due.

24/7 Patient Self-Scheduling

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Self-Service & Convenience

For oncology patients, scheduling can get complicated due to prior authorizations needed or recurring patients needing to reschedule. Clearwave self-scheduling offers smart appointment scheduling options that are easily accessible for patients and always matched to your schedule in real-time, through critical integrations.

Existing patients can easily self-schedule appointments and new patients can be matched with the right provider. Our platform is EMR/PMS-agnostic, meaning provider data can be pulled from multiple sources and applied to your scheduling needs, simple or complex. Optimize your schedule and use more available time slots to increase acquisition. Drive increased throughput and scalable patient volume, combined with real-time eligibility verification and pre-registration to take your high-growth practice to the next level.

Patient Communication


Patient Communication

Even the most effective patient engagement platform needs good outgoing communication from your practice. Stay in touch with Clearwave’s automated reminders, patient two-way texting, contact verification, and follow-up surveys. Take the guesswork out of patient prep, keep appointment slots filled, dramatically reduce no-shows and foster patient satisfaction when implementing Clearwave.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

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Free Up Your Staff

Maximize front-desk operations and reallocate staff to higher-value tasks to reduce operating costs and drive revenue. Clearwave's digital and automated solutions relieve staff workload and let practices get through any staff challenges without sacrificing service or attention. Patients are able to have better access without needing a 1:1 interaction with staff - it's a true, zero-staff solution that lets your team focus on what matters most, patient care. 

The Benefits are Booming

Patients checked-in and appointments scheduled
Integrations with popular PMS, EMR and HIS
Payers for real-time eligibility verification
Eligibility checks of primary, secondary, and tertiary benefits

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