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High-growth neurology practices use Clearwave to enable faster time-to-revenue, increase patient acquisition and retention, streamline collections and optimize staff workloads. Unlock your neurology practice's growth potential today, and scale tomorrow.

For High-Growth Neurology Practices

Clearwave supports high-growth practices and providers in one effective and centralized solution for scheduling, check-in, communications and eligibility verification.

Real-Time Eligibility Verification


Real-Time Eligibility Verification

Clearwave instantly automates verification on average seven times between scheduling and check-in to clarify coverage and increase point-of-service collections. With instant verification, you can ensure the most accurate, real-time coverage amounts, patient financial responsibility and co-payment amounts for every visit. Automated eligibility runs in the background, letting staff spend their valuable time on revenue-driving tasks and patient care. Clearwave neurology practices report up to a 90% reduction in denied claims and a 65% improvement in point-of-service collections.

Patient Pre-Registration


Patient Pre-Registration

Visits, referrals and updates become simple and convenient — introduced before a patient enters the office. Pre-Check from Clearwave centralizes up-to-date and accurate patient data, viewable by staff in real-time. Engage patients from their very first interaction and guide them through an optimized experience that reflects efficiency and responsiveness. With Clearwave Pre-Check, patients can use their own phone or computer before an appointment to complete all the necessary demographic and medical history information and take care of co-payments and balances in advance. Eliminate excess wait times and redundant staff activities when implementing Clearwave.

An Open Digital Front Door


An Open Digital Front Door

Clearwave establishes a digital front door for your practice that gives enhanced access for patients to connect with you while promoting new patient acquisition. Offer your patients scheduling convenience, automated eligibility verification, check-in and frictionless financial transparency. Wait times, paperwork, data entry errors and tedious, repetitive staff workloads will be a thing of the past when you implement Clearwave.

24/7 Patient Scheduling

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24/7 Patient Scheduling

Significantly increase patient acquisition and retention. Clearwave patient self-scheduling gives your patients appointment options that work on their time and are easy to book. It also offers staff real-time views to help them quickly manage emergencies and walk-ins. Existing patients can easily self-schedule appointments and new patients can be matched with the right provider. Our platform is EMR/PMS-agnostic, meaning provider data can be pulled from multiple sources and applied to your scheduling needs, simple or complex. Optimize your schedule for better throughput and patient volume, combined with real-time eligibility verification and pre-check for a powerful, productive Neurology practice.

Accelerated Cash Flow


Accelerated Cash Flow

Clearwave’s real-time data views, instant eligibility verification and patient-driven, integrated, frictionless transactions translate into higher cashflow for the practice. With Clearwave, see patient financial responsibility as soon as an appointment is booked, and collect co-pays as well as payment upfront for larger procedures. Turn reimbursement into an efficient and productive process. Robust, patient-driven data collection for mobile, kiosk and tablet produces clean, accurate claims — and makes reimbursement painless and fast. Clearwave’s centralized approach to patient engagement regularly redirects revenue from every interaction right back into your practice.

The Clearwave Impact

Patients checked-in and appointments scheduled
Integrations with popular PMS, EMR and HIS
Payers for real-time eligibility verification
Eligibility checks of primary, secondary and tertiary benefits

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