Nebraska Orthopaedic Center Case Study

Nebraska Orthopaedic Center is a growing practice, averaging over 8,000 patients per month. To manage this high patient throughput and stay efficient while adding additional providers to their practice, Nebraska Orthopedic Center implemented Clearwave to enable their patients to fully complete pre-registration with clinical intake prior to arriving at their office. Now the practice has built a foundation for growth, see how. Download this case study.

Pre-Registration & Self-Registration Results:

  • 4m 14s Average check-in time
  • 1m 44s Express Check-in time
  • 2m 03s Average returning patient check-in time
  • 59% Patient utilization of pre-registration with clinical intake
  • 38% of self-pay fees collected monthly
  • 81% of co-pays collected monthly
  • 47% Reduction in average check-in time
  • 33% Reduction in new patient check-in time