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A focus on patient engagement creates space for optimal staff workflow, cleaner data collection, shortened patient wait times and higher overall productivity.


Ophthalmologists and eye care practices across the country rely on Clearwave to deliver a satisfying patient experience while freeing up the front desk. And digital patient check-in is just the beginning.

Vision eligibility verification for VSP


Instant vision eligibility verification for VSP

Clearwave allows ophthalmology practices the ability to get member vision eligibility and VSP authorization through our direct connection to Eyefinity. The Clearwave dashboard displays authorizations, plan benefits and expiration dates in quick view and are all real-time. Authorizations can be pulled all at once or individually, based on your needs. Cleavewave ophthalmology practices report up to a 90% reduction in denied claims and 65% improvement in point-of-service collections as a result.

Ease of Use for Patients


Ease of Use for Patients

Concerned that your older eye patients won’t be comfortable with digital technology? No worries. Clearwave has been tested and proven across a wide demographic spectrum. Patients of all ages appreciate the convenience of self-service for scheduling, registration, check-in and payment.

Upsell Premium Services


Upsell Premium Services

Clearwave creates a rich repository of patient data. This helps identify candidates for premium services such as LASIK or cataract surgery and promoting those services right from Clearwave’s patient engagement platform. That means spending less on advertising by targeting premium services directly to patients most likely to benefit from them.

One-and-Done Registration


One-and-Done Registration

Ophthalmology treatments frequently entail multiple visits. Spare your patients the frustration of filling out redundant forms every time. Once their medical histories and other pertinent data are on Clearwave, there’s no need for them to enter the same information for subsequent visits.

Safe Check-In for At-Risk Patients


Safe Check-In for At-Risk Patients

As practices re-open for office visits in the wake of COVID-19, safety of patients and staff is paramount. Clearwave makes possible a zero-contact check-in experience – patients can even check in remotely and time their arrival precisely to the start of their appointment. It minimizes time spent in the waiting room and unnecessary exposure to other patients. And it accepts and processes payments, so no cash, checks or cards must change hands

The Benefits are Booming

Mann Eye increased POS Collections by 112%
Thomas Eye Group Reduced Rejected Insurance Claims by 94%
Marietta Eye Clinic reduced required registration staff by 33%, reallocating them to higher-value activities
of patients at Katzen Eye Group pay outstanding balances at the kiosk

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