Leverage 3 Patient Communication Tools for Better Patient Engagement

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Patient engagement focuses on getting patients more involved with their care which results in better health outcomes. With the right patient communication tools, you can achieve better engagement.

Today’s patient expectations for convenient and proactive communication from their healthcare providers have never been higher. Failure to meet those expectations can result in decreased engagement. It can even lead to negative consequences like poor health outcomes, increased patient attrition rate and lost revenue.

Here are 3 patient communication tools for enhanced patient engagement.

1.    Patient Appointment Reminders

There is no denying that appointment reminders are powerful communication tools. A 2019 survey from Accenture revealed that 70 percent of patients are more likely to go to a provider that sends reminders for follow-up care using text or email, compared to 57 percent in 2016.

By sending personalized appointment reminders, it allows your patients to be actively involved in managing their health. Patients who have an active part in managing their health and care increase their chances of showing up for their next visit. This boosts the patient experience and patient engagement. More importantly, it also makes your practice more successful.

2.    HIPAA-Compliant Two-Way Texting

No one, your patients included, appreciates a one-sided conversation. When your messages do not allow patients to respond and interact with you, it hurts patient engagement. For instance, if you send a one-way text reminding a patient of their upcoming appointment, they will have no way to confirm, reschedule or cancel. It doesn’t matter how many reminders you send. Because the patient has no way to interact or engage with your practice, there’s a higher likelihood that their appointment will be a no-show.

But with HIPAA-compliant two-way texting, your patients will be able to reschedule, confirm or cancel appointments. With this information, your staff can manage everyday schedules to prevent the potential loss of revenue. If a patient needs to cancel or reschedule, it is much easier to fill up any canceled slots on time with patients on the waiting list.

Your patients want to respond to you when you text them, and two-way texting promises a better connection. Two-way texting provides your patients with a way to feel more informed about their care and in touch with your practice. It also motivates them to play an active role in their treatment and encourages engagement.

3.    Chatbot Patient Scheduling

AI-enabled chatbots enable patients to schedule appointments with as little friction as possible. A chatbot communicates with patients, collecting information to schedule appointments automatically.

Your patients want a seamless care experience. Being able to easily and quickly find the right care through a chatbot’s conversational technology provides practices with a chance to improve patient experience and deepen patient engagement while reducing frustrations and uncertainties.

Using chatbots is a step ahead in assisting your patients with processing their appointments faster than ever before. Healthcare is all about delivering services to patients without any compromise or delay. Implementing chatbot patient scheduling allows you to provide second to none healthcare that exceeds your patients’ expectations.

Make the Most of Patient Communication Tools from Clearwave

Appointment reminders along with two-way texting and chatbot patient scheduling from Clearwave improve patient engagement. It’s a win-win for both practices and patients. Clearwave’s patient communication tools are interactive and essential for connecting with patients conveniently and on their terms.

Do you want to learn how your practice can leverage Clearwave to boost engagement while maintaining a steady flow of patients and increasing revenue? Download our 2021 Healthcare Practice Growth Playbook now!

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