Clearing the Path to an Improved Patient Experience

Sep 27, 2017
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Visiting the doctor’s office can be a frustrating experience, especially having to fill out forms and sit in the waiting room, tolerantly anticipating your turn. UAB Highlands in Birmingham, Alabama knows this situation all too well. The clinic averages over 250 patients per day. And, with that many patients, there are bound to be longer wait times and greater potential for error in the registration process as well.

The UAB team wanted to find a solution to shorten the waiting room time for patients, to provide a more efficient way of collecting co-payments, to streamline the overall registration process, and to create a better overall patient experience.

They looked at a potential solution in self-serve kiosks. Although self-service kiosks have been used for many years by the airline, banking, and grocery store industries, there has been limited use in the healthcare industry. A study completed in 2009 by the California Healthcare Foundation noted that less than 10% of healthcare entities had self-service kiosks in use at that time. But, that number has grown due to strong consumer interest in their providers having self-service kiosks.

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