4 Ways to Improve Value During Patient Check In

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Having an inefficient patient check in process causes healthcare systems and group practices to experience lower satisfaction from patients, increased expense, and lost revenue for the organization. Modernizing the check in process is critical not only in addressing patient satisfaction but to properly manage and set the organization on a successful path towards accumulating accurate patient data streamlining claim reimbursement and improving net revenue.

Check out these four innovative patient check in technologies that help the process for both administration and patient:

1. Self Service Patient Check In

A patient check-in system that will let the patient have the power to manage their own experience, reduce the need for staff dealing with paperwork so that they can help patients elsewhere, and cut check-in times down to two minutes or less. A platform with a mobile solution is also priority – this allow patient to fill in forms prior to arriving to their appointment, lessening their check-in time even more.

In April 2016, UAB Medicine in Birmingham, AL installed six Clearwave Kiosks in its orthopedics clinic at UAB Hospital-Highlands. In just one day more than 200 patients used the self-service solution—and check-in time dropped from 7 to 3 minutes. Today, check-in times at the orthopedic clinic average just 2 minutes.

2. Real-Time Automated Eligibility Checks

This technology increases the chance of a clean claim by verifying patient insurance eligibility and benefits within seconds. This makes for less room for errors by staff, and the patient can understand their coverage.

3. Real-Time Data Verification

Consider a system that can both authenticate patient demographic information and correctly match the data with the existing data in PM system given by the patient prior to check-in. This helps identify duplicate records or address changes.

4. Point-of-Service Collections

This can enable patients to pay co-pays and outstanding balances from previous visits, as well as current-day services. There is a study that shows co-pays account for one-fifth of physician practice revenue, yet most physician practices collect just 60 percent of co-pays3.

An investment in revamping patient check in processes is an investment in the future of physician organizations. Adopting an intuitive self-service platform elevates the patient experience while saving time and money—a critical combination in the move toward value based care and payment.

Ready to improve value and streamline your patient check in process? Learn more about Clearwave’s patient check-in software.

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