Long-Lines Giving You Blurry Vision?

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Clearwave & Thomas Eye Group’s 10-Year Partnership Puts Patients First 

By Blakely Roth | June 18, 2024

In an era where efficiency is expected in every aspect of our lives—from booking flights to ordering food—waiting in long lines shouldn’t define our healthcare experiences. The same could be said for waiting on hold just to book a healthcare appointment. Clearwave, in partnership with Thomas Eye Group, champions this belief by continuously improving how patients access and receive eye care. Celebrating a decade of collaboration, our joint commitment is revolutionizing the patient experience for the Metro Atlanta community and its neighbors. 

Thomas Eye Group has been Georgia’s leading choice for quality eye care for 50 years. With Clearwave’s self-service technology, the practice has simplified access to care, while reducing wait times and allowing patients—whether first-time visitors or those who have trusted Thomas Eye for over 25 years—to manage eyecare appointments with ease. 

Here’s what you can expect when you book an appointment at Thomas Eye Group! 

Easy Online Scheduling

Easy, online scheduling has become a top priority for patients of all ages. Yet, many specialty healthcare practices across the nation still haven’t made the transition to online scheduling. Leveraging Clearwave Scheduling, Thomas Eye has listened to patient preferences and even gone a step further, see how! 

  • Insurance Transparency During Booking: Clearwave Scheduling will check if a patient’s insurance is active during booking and notify them of errors. This feature helps patients avoid surprises, ensure they’re covered and remember to provide new or updated insurance information if necessary. 
  • Same-Day Appointments: Want to book an appointment ASAP or have an urgent issue? With Clearwave Scheduling, patients can quickly see available appointments and book them on the spot — without having to call the office! 
  • 24/7 Convenience: Patients can book appointments at Thomas Eye Group around the clock, no matter if it’s after business hours, on a weekend or even a holiday! By steering this would-be phone traffic to the Clearwave Scheduling tool, staff can better manage other patients calling in with clinical or billing questions, saving time and improving the overall patient experience! 
  • Wide Array of Eye Care Services: Thomas Eye’s Ophthalmologists and Optometrists specialize in a wide range of eye care services, from cataracts to pediatric and family care, medical eyecare diagnosis, glaucoma and more. Using Clearwave’s robust scheduling logic and custom workflows, patients can easily find an appointment type and provider that fits their eye care needs in minutes! 
  • Accepts Most Major Insurance Providers: Thomas Eye Group has expanded the number of health and vision insurances they accept, helping them provide the Metro Atlanta community with better access to quality eye care. Thomas Eye Group also leverages Clearwave to automatically verify patient insurance in real time, which helps both practices and patients avoid last-minute billing surprises. 


Simplified Check-In Experience

It’s time specialty practices take long lines and hectic waiting rooms out of the picture. Thomas Eye Group has always prioritized on-time appointments and unprecedented patient privacy. For over ten years, they’ve leaned on self-registration solutions from Clearwave to give patients ownership of their healthcare data, while reducing check-in times. Across locations, patient check-in times are consistently under 2 minutes on average, and if patients complete pre-check their average check-in time drops to under 90 seconds! See how Thomas Eye Group puts Clearwave to work. 

  • Digital Pre-Check: With Clearwave pre-registration, Thomas Eye’s patients can complete their healthcare forms and review data, all from the comfort of their own home or on the go! This step helps speed up the check-in process once patients arrive for appointments, meaning they can truly sign in and get right to their doctor. 
  • Easy-to-Use Kiosks: Walk into any Thomas Eye location and check in at the kiosk in minutes. With Clearwave’s ADA-compliant kiosks, patients can easily update addresses, insurance or other information and still make it back to the exam room right on time. 
  • Staff Focused on the Patient Experience: When registration staff are bogged down with a line of patients while checking out others, the actual check-in process itself can get slow and frustrating! Now, with self-registration, Thomas Eye’s staff can instead greet long-standing patients, prioritize customer service and answer patient questions without the rush!  
  • Simple, Private & Transparent Payments: In a recent healthcare survey, 86% of patients noted they were looking for financial awareness and transparency from their healthcare providers. Thomas Eye Group is proud to meet these patient expectations with self-registration that simplifies the payment process for patients. 


Ready for Top-Tier Eye Care, Without the Wait?

Experience the convenience of online booking and self-check-in — and say goodbye to long waits! Book in seconds with one of Thomas Eye Group’s expert ophthalmologists or optometrists today. 

Looking to drop long lines once and for all at your specialty practice? Learn more about how Clearwave helps fast-growing practices enhance patient self-scheduling, streamline registration and intake, automate communications, and create true financial transparency with multi-factor eligibility™ verification.  

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