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Insurance Eligibility

Reduce patient wait-times and staff overhead through the fastest insurance eligibility on the market

Access real-time eligibility and transform your practice

  • Automatically run eligibility without staff involvement
    Integrate with your scheduling system or patient check-in using a kiosk, tablet,  or our mobile solutions.
  • Process transactions in real-time
    Increase collections, reduce rejected claims and improve ROI with real-time insurance eligibility check.
  • Seamlessly provide 95% coverage to insurance companies
    Connect with every insurance provider you need with 95% coverage.
  • Format insurance responses based on your needs
    Remove unwanted data so you and your patient's only see the information that matters.
  • Add intelligence to inform staff of the exact eligibility issue
    Reduces research time needed to fix issues and quickly run eligibility.
  • Deliver world-class customer support
    Rest easy knowing that your dedicated Customer Success Manager will tailor Clearwave to perfectly fit your practice and will work with you to quickly resolve any issues that come up.


Payer List

Deliver the Ideal First Impression in Your Hospital or Health System

Clearwave Insurance Form Factors

Automatically run eligibility without staff involvement.
We do this through integration with the scheduling system or patient check-in via Clearwave Connect.

How Clearwave Works

Enterprise Eligibility™ Platform provides real-time patient eligibility checking. No more back and forth with the front desk.

Automatic Eligibility

Automatically run eligibility without staff involvement. We do this through integration with the scheduling system or patient check-in at kiosk or using our mobile solution.

Real-Time Transactions

Process transactions in real-time. Not the industry real-time, but the Clearwave™ real-time which means “immediate”!

Customized Intake

Format insurance response based on our client's needs. Our platform removes unwanted data.

Plugin to over 900+ Payers

You have the ability to automatically verify and cover patients. If for some reason a treatment or scheduled visit is not covered, the patient has the option to pay upfront or discuss their options. This helps avoid angry phone calls and follow-ups, alongside bad reviews and reputation issues later on. It’s a win-win for both the patient and your practice.

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What Sets us Apart

We automated the collections process. No longer do your patients have to experience uncomfortable financial conversations at the front desk. Our solution automatically generates estimates of patient responsibility and requests patient copays and past-due balances upfront.

Multilingual Forms

Patients can choose from up to 13 different languages in which to check in.

Mobile Pre-check

Built-in appointment reminders and notifications streamline the intake process. 

GMR Integration

Clearwave integrates with over 40 of the most popular EMR/EHR and Practice Management software solutions.

Client Testimonials


During the last three years, we switched EMRs twice! Clearwave immediately responded and built new integrations. It’s wonderful to work with a vendor-partner that is willing to support our change requests quickly. Clearwave’s outstanding consultants allowed us to keep a consistent patient registration, eligibility and integration process even though we were using different EMRs.

We knew we wanted a kiosk and a company that could integrate with Nextech. However, when we selected Clearwave we achieved so much more than we originally envisioned. We are getting considerably more data. Patients are updating their own data resulting in cleaner claims and faster payment. Patient resistance to the kiosk is near to zero as 93% of our patients are checking in at the kiosk upon arrival at our practice and 30% of our patients are doing their initial check-in on their own devices in advance of their appointment using Clearwave’s mobile solution. Overall, we’ve seen dramatic improvements in patient registration, billing and eligibility efficiency.
With Clearwave, we now have a user-friendly system that handles the bulk of the data validation before patients walk in the door. Expediting the patient check-in process and having a better quality experience has been a win-win for everyone, especially our patients.

Transform Your Patient Intake Process



Less waiting time for patients

Decrease wait times by up to 70%. Patients appreciate spending less time in the waiting room and more time with their doctor.

Automate Insurance Collections

Our kiosks are proven to collect more money than in-person collections. Reduce the awkwardness for the patients and collect more money up front.

Free up staff for other tasks

Give your staff a break and let them focus on important tasks that keep your business running smooth.

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