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Changing the Playbook for Patient Access Solutions

At Clearwave, we know how important first impressions are.

It takes more than a tablet or an app to transform the patient intake experience. To truly provide value, what’s needed is an approach that reduces the time patients spend at the front desk—and gets to the heart of your patients’ visit more quickly.

Here at Clearwave, we accelerate the patient check-in process by customizing your patient’s experience by putting check-in in their hands. The Clearwave method gets your patients in and out the door, with minimal wait times, further enhancing efficiency, workflows, and revenue.

With solutions ranging from a patient check-in kiosk to Mobile Pre-Check™ software, Clearwave’s connected technologies are tailored to healthcare organizations of every size and type.

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What Sets Us Apart

Real-Time Data Authentication 

Real-time verification of patient insurance and demographic data ensures accuracy of patient data from the point of contact, resulting in cleaner claims and improved follow-up.

Mobile Check-In Solutions 

Mobile companions to self-service check-in platforms empower your patients to manage check-in and sign necessary forms before they arrive, from their home or on the go.


Our digital check-in system changes the psychology of patient payment by presenting payment as a non-optional step in the check-in process, boosting point-of-service collections for your organization.

Customized Patient Experience 

Our electronic sign-in system optimizes the patient experience by prompting patients only for the information needed. Updates to patient data can be automatically uploaded into your practice’s EHR at your request.

Unparalleled Success

Speed to Visit
Speed to Visit

Clearwave’s electronic check-in system reduces wait times to 3 minutes or less.

Increased Collections
Increased Collections

After healthcare kiosks were installed, point-of-service collections rose 54% at UAB Medicine.

Cleaner Claims
Cleaner Claims

Thomas Eye Group reduced claims rejections by 94% with Clearwave’s real-time data authentication software.

Improved Throughput
Improved Throughput

Our patient intake platform increases your medical team’s capacity. Physicians see more patients daily—increasing revenue.

A Modern Patient Intake Experience

Transforming patient intake isn’t just a value differentiator. It also sustains your organization’s ability to remain competitive in a retail-oriented environment.

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