UAB’s Division of Orthopaedic Surgery desired to find self-service kiosks in the UAB Highlands outpatient orthopaedic clinic for checking in patients, insurance verification, payment of co-pays, and additional other functions. The goal of implementing Clearwave was to provide a more rapid check-in for patients with musculoskeletal conditions, improve overall patient satisfaction and financially increase payments at time of service. The first day of operations saw over 200 patients check in with the overall check-in time reduced to less than three minutes per patient. The metrics identified prior to go-live included increasing point of service collections looking at 6 and 12 month averages, reducing measurable check-in times, monitoring insurance verification, improving Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plan Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (MPCAHPS) scores over the next 12 months and seeking feedback from front line registration staff at 6 and 12 month intervals on the improvements. Point of service collections increased by over 100%. Average check-in times decreased from six to seven minutes to less than three minutes. Average check-in times for returning patients is now less than 1 minute, twenty seconds.


  • Struggled to find ways to shorten the waiting room time for patients.
  • Needed new ways to efficiently collect co-payments and outstanding balances.
  • It was difficult for UAB to find a company to manage a GE Centricity Business/Group Management integration.
  • Searched for ways to have less paperwork and better ways to streamline the overall registration process for staff.
  • Desired to create an overall better experience for their patients at UAB.



  • Drastically reduced check-in times and increased patient satisfaction with easy to use kiosks and less paperwork for patients and staff.
  • Dramatically increased collection of co-pays and outstanding balances at the point of service.
  • Identified uninsured patients for financial assistance options and significantly reduced claim rejections with Clearwave’s real-time eligibility.
  • Clearwave brought in its primary integration partner, EHR Integration Systems to write the interface to GE Centricity Business because of their extensive experience with this GE platform.
  • Streamlined staff processes with accurate patient demographics.

“I loved the self-registration stations. They were well manned, yet easy to use without assistance.” “The sign-in procedure with the computer terminal was quick and easy.”



  • Initial Number of Kiosks: 6
  • Current Number of Kiosks: 114
  • Patient Utilization: over 90%
  • Implemented Clearwave Solution: 04/14/2016
  • Practice Management System: GE Centricity
  • Decrease in New Patient Check-In Time: 62.9%
  • Clearwave Check-in Time: 1 minute 56 seconds, down from 6 minutes 50 seconds
  • Average POS Collections Increased by: 57.6%

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