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A Comprehensive Patient Engagement Platform With Your Practice and Patients in Mind

Acquire more patients, reduce patient check-in times, free up your front-desk staff and improve your practice’s cash flow and collection rates. Your patients become happier, your staff is more productive and your practice economics improve.

We’ve designed our electronic check-in solution with both your patients and your practice in mind.

Our industry-leading approach reduces patient check-in times, helps free up front-desk staff, and can improve your practice’s cash flow and collection rates. Your patients become happier, your staff is more productive, and your practice economics improve. Highlights include:

Automatic Insurance Eligibility

Insurance Eligibility

Automatically verify patient insurance eligibility in real time through our scheduling system integration or at patient check-in. Generate estimates of patient responsibility and request patient copays and past-due balances upfront.

Learn more about insurance eligibility.

Reduce Wait Times

Patient Check-In

With kiosk, tablet and mobile options, your patients have the ability to check in on their terms—regardless of mobility capabilities or office size. Check in your patients faster with an intake system that is intuitive and easy to use—and offered in 13 different languages. In fact, you can reduce check-in times to three minutes or less.

Learn more about patient check-in.

Smart Scheduling

With Clearwave Scheduling, empower patients to schedule, change and manage appointments right from their own mobile phones, devices, IVR, patient portal or practices to schedule from call center or back office. Deliver reminders and important pre-arrival communications directly from Clearwave Scheduling to reduce no-shows and fully engage patients in the management of their care.

CW Scheduling
Boost Revenue by Clearwave

Automated Collections

Boost revenues through secure automatic payment collection through the Clearwave kiosk or tablet. Increase successful payments and cash flow to your practice. Medical practices have seen an increase to their point-of-sale collections by 25% – 65%.

Learn more about automated collections.

EMR/EHR Integrations


Integrate with 50 of the most popular EMR/EHR and Practice Management software systems allowing your staff to capture data correctly the first time. You save time and resources, while improving data integrity. Free up staff time and benefit from faster, cleaner access to data.

Learn more about integrations.

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