Why Clearwave?

A High-Value Approach to Patient Check-In and Eligibility

We are passionate about creating a more efficient and innovative healthcare system. Clearwave’s next-level approach to patient check-in transforms patient intake with a full suite of connected technologies for hospitals and health systems, physician practices, and specialty practices. Our method puts patients in the driver’s seat for their care experience, eliminating antiquated, paper-based processes and needless trips back and forth from the front desk to fill out paperwork or provide updated insurance information.


ClearwaveTM check-in reduces 85% of patients’ time spent in the waiting room and improves processes allowing you to deliver better care


Customized Approach to Patient Intake

Patient check-in is tailored to the patient, providing a more personalized patient intake experience while eliminating redundancy.
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Real-Time Eligibility Checks

Check your patient’s insurance eligibility in real-time with Clearwave’s sophisticated eligibility platform, one of the country’s best.
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Automated Collections

No longer do your patients have to experience uncomfortable financial conversations at the front desk. Our solution automatically generates estimates of patient responsibility and requests patient copays and past-due balances upfront.
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Mobile Pre-CheckTM Solution

From their home or on the go, patients use Clearwave’s solutions to provide critical data, sign necessary forms, and pay copays prior to arriving for their appointment.
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Real-Time Integration with Your EHR

Updates to patient information captured in the healthcare kiosk or mobile solution can be transferred directly to the EHR for automatic updates, further reducing duplicated workflows.
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Multilingual Patient Intake Support

With the click of a button, Clearwave’s patient intake messaging can be tailored to your patient’s language preference.
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100% Better

Drive new revenue, provide dynamic eligibility, and see more patients per day

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