Challenges and Solutions for Administering the COVID-19 Vaccine at High Volume

As the COVID-19 vaccination becomes available, beginning with healthcare workers and long-term care residents, many medical institutions are quickly coordinating vaccination administration for their staff and residents.

That’s why Clearwave has rolled out a COVID-19 Vaccination Management solution, enabling customers to process a high volume of vaccinations quickly. This week, we were able to reconfigure an existing customer within ten minutes to set up a location to process hospital personnel to receive the vaccine. This customer will vaccinate 900 staff members from three different hospitals within the next 10 days.

What you should know:

  • The COVID-19 vaccine is a 2-dose series delivered at 21-day intervals
  • Clearwave can accurately process a high volume of vaccination patients. Customers can setup off-site, satellite or temporary vaccination locations leveraging Clearwave Connect for Mobile, Tablet or Kiosk. 
  • Clearwave Connect can check in returning patients on average within 1 minute and new patients on average within 3 minutes, expediting vaccination clinics and reducing patient wait times
  • Eligibility verification can be run in real-time to process co-pays and inform patients of their financial responsibility, if applicable, as the vaccination is rolled out to larger groups
  • Clearwave’s cloud-based data collection is quick and agile and allows for robust reporting, documentation and administrator insight
  • Clearwave can easily manage 2-stage appointments through Clearwave Scheduling to effectively administer both doses on schedule
  • Clearwave is already an expert in healthcare operations for hospitals, FQHCS, health systems and specialty practices

If you’re unfamiliar with Clearwave, we are a comprehensive patient engagement platform that does the work of many different vendors to boost providers’ bottom line, empower their people and engage their patients. In 2020, we worked in collaboration with our customers to serve healthcare’s front lines and won a 2020 iAward for driving innovation in healthcare. 

Zero-Contact Patient Check-In

The Clearwave platform enables safety through:

  • Remote patient pre-registration via their own mobile phone or computer
  • Expedited check-in and patient intake by mobile, tablet or kiosk
  • Virtual Waiting Rooms
  • Two-Way Texting
  • Automated eligibility verification 
  • Digital consent form management
  • Co-payment and open balance collection at the point-of-service
  • Appointment smart self-scheduling, with highly configurable rules
  • Appointment call center scheduling, with highly configurable rules
  • Appointment reminders to maximize schedules and decrease no-shows

This multi-faceted method is scalable and offers positive workflows and safe advantages to providers, personnel and patients.

Learn more about Clearwave’s quick response to COVID-19 vaccine management and how we can equip you to capably administer the vaccine at any capacity.

About Clearwave
Clearwave is the healthcare industry’s most comprehensive patient engagement platform. Its technology has empowered specialty practices and health systems to improve profitability, productivity and patient access since 2004. Healthcare organizations choose Clearwave for its ability to simplify patient scheduling, expedite patient intake, automate insurance eligibility verification and create true financial transparency for both patient and practice. Clearwave helps practices accelerate cash flow and improve digital patient access. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and has an office in Tel Aviv, Israel. For more information, visit

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