Zero-Contact Protocols and Virtual Waiting Rooms

Providing Contactless Check-In for Safety and Wellness

Keep innovative solutions in place to reassure patients that their health is your #1 priority, keep schedules full and restore operations to 100%.

Clearwave Virtual Waiting Rooms allow practices, hospitals, health systems and FQHCs alike to perform all check-in tasks efficiently. Bypass current healthcare staffing challenges and improve patient check-in with better patient access.

With Virtual Waiting Room technology, you can achieve zero-contact patient registration™ that completely reinvents the traditional patient check-in process and meets patients' digital expectations.

How Clearwave Virtual Waiting Rooms Work

  • 1

    Patient receives a text or email reminder in advance of their appointment, or a real-time text message if scheduled the same day.

  • 2

    Patient completes the pre-check process and is informed about the virtual waiting room option.

  • 3

    Staff verifies patient information, reviews COVID-19 screening process and flags.

  • 4

    Upon arrival at the practice parking lot, patient calls or texts provided number to alert you of their arrival.

  • 5

    Staff checks the patient into Clearwave, which automatically checks patient in to the PMS. Staff updates the patient status when the doctor is ready.

  • 6

    Real-time text is sent to the patient alerting them that it is time to come inside, and the appointment occurs.

Who Can Benefit?

Clearwave Virtual Waiting Rooms, featuring Zero-Contact Patient Registration™, can be used across a variety of medical verticals, including ophthalmology, orthopedics, neurology, hospitals, health systems, FQHCs and other medical clinics. 


Activate Telehealth with Clearwave for Contactless Patient Appointments

Practices implementing telehealth solutions to reduce in-person patient visits are faced with challenges that arise from implementing new office technology and adapting both staff and patients to change. 

Clearwave offers a simple three-step model that helps contact patients with upcoming appointments and convert them to telehealth:

  • 1


    Send a text with an invitation for patients to call to convert their appointments to telehealth. Proactively call any patients that did not reach out for conversion. Use Clearwave to pull a report for all upcoming and/or cancelled appointments by appointment type, provider or location

  • 2


    Text patients via Pre-Check™ to collect all necessary registration and eligibility information for patients who have rescheduled as appointment type telehealth. Utilize two-way texting technology from Clearwave for ease-of-use.

  • 3


    Use Clearwave to send text at the time of appointment with telehealth access link.

Communicating Contact-Free Check-In Options to Your Patients

Assure patients that you are taking all precautions necessary for their safety and well-being with helpful communication tools from Clearwave. With Virtual Waiting Room, inform your patients of zero-contact check-in options by sending a text or email ahead of their visit. This will prompt your patient to complete check-in using Pre-Check, and inform them of the option to wait in their car in your Virtual Waiting Room until the doctor is prepared to see them.

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