Best-In-Class Patient Engagement Software

Are you ready to take your patient engagement to the next level?
Toss the clipboard and give your patients the digital tools
that make them (and your staff) more productive while driving
more revenue.

Clearwave, the comprehensive patient engagement platform,
enables digital patient access by combining Patient Scheduling,
Patient Check-In/Registration, Communications and Eligibility Verification
in one single platform.

How Our Patient Engagement Software Helps Speciality Practices

The Clearwave Core patient engagement software provides the digital access today's patients require with:

Appointment scheduling

How Our Patient Engagement Platform
Improves Scheduling

Clearwave scheduling takes the frustration out of booking an appointment and gives your patients the flexibility to make an appointment 24/7, meaning they can book after hours or last minute, without staff intervention. Increase new patient acquisition and let your patients book available appointments while researching providers. Clearwave scheduling updates in real-time as patients book, cancel or reschedule appointments, and it also provides patients an option to join a waitlist for any last-minute openings that become available. Keep schedules full with smart scheduling and reduce staff time spent managing appointments!



How Our Patient Engagement Platform
Improves Registration

Clearwave offers a truly self-service patient registration experience with pre-check, kiosks, tablets, mobile devices, or a combination. Make in-office registration simple, private and secure for patients, allowing them to make payments and complete registration without the need for staff intervention. Rather than having patients come in early for their appointments, allow patients to register and complete clinical intake from the comfort of their homes with pre-check links. With Clearwave patient self-registration, you can reduce wait times by 90% and get patients seen faster, something both patients and providers appreciate.


Insurance Eligibility Verification

How Our Patient Engagement Platform
Improves Eligibility Verification

Your patients may love surprises, but not when it's financial. Clearwave's real-time eligibility verification presents two clear benefits to patients: financial transparency and instant verification of their coverage. Patients stay informed and in control when any changes to their insurance can be flagged and updated prior to the date of service. Arriving for an appointment, patients are able to see their co-pay and pay it along with any open balance before walking into the exam room. Automating insurance verification removes staff time spent chasing down payers and patients, putting more time in their day to focus on other high-value tasks and patient care.


Patient Communications

How Our Patient Engagement Platform
Improves Communications

Communication is the cornerstone of patient enagement, keeping patients actively involved in their care and creating a positive link to their provider. While your patients might carry a phone everywhere, they're probably not likely to answer it! The convenience of email or text messages far outperforms trying to reach patients with a phone call. Connect with patients with automated appointment reminders, two-way texting and recalls to help them to keep track of appointments and visit instructions.


Patient Collections

How Our Patient Engagement Platform
Improves Collections

Involving patients in the payment process proactively increases satisfaction for both patients and providers. Patients with a card kept on file and a clear indication of their financial responsibility are more likely to pay at the time of service in one smooth transaction. Replacing the roadblocks of a post-visit invoicing system, or bills sent by mail, engages patients even before seeing a provider. Returning patients can schedule appointments with confidence and stay connected.

Patient checking in for appointment on mobile phone with QR code

Connect With Your Patients

With Clearwave, your practice can offer best-in-class scheduling,
eligibility verification, self-service check-in, and more! Increase your patient satisfaction by using Clearwave's patient engagement platform.   

“Clearwave has significantly streamlined the entire check-in process, getting the patient back to see the provider sooner.”

-Chapman Cook Chief Operating Officer, Cardiology Associates

Clearwave Patient Engagement Software Integrations

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