Improve Your Patient Engagement


Are you ready to take your patient engagement to the next level?
Toss the clipboard and give your patients the digital tools
that make them (and your staff) more productive while driving
more revenue.

Our clients see an average 51% reduction in
denied insurance claims through Clearwave’s eligibility icons,
transaction details, and navigational documentation.

Looking for ways to streamline your patient engagement software?

Clearwave Solutions Overview




Flexibility and efficiency at patient check-in on mobile, tablet, kiosk — or a device combination that’s the best advantage for your practice.

Patient checking in for appointment on mobile phone with QR code

Connecting to Your Patients

With Clearwave, your practice can offer best-in-class scheduling,
eligibility verification, "zero-staff-needed" check-in, and more! Increase your patient satisfaction by using Clearwave's patient engagement platform.   

“Clearwave has significantly streamlined the entire check-in process, getting the patient back to see the provider sooner.”

-Chapman Cook Chief Operating Officer, Cardiology Associates

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