5 Reasons Our Practice Check-In System Helps Your Practice

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The first step to running a successful practice is having an easy check-in system. To grow your practice and reach more potential patients, you must focus on patient relationships by simplifying interactions wherever you can. Patient check-in is a fantastic place to start updating a business model, as it can make or break the overall experience for the patient.

Clearwave does the work for you by incorporating streamlined software and a detailed algorithm to guide your patients effortlessly through the system. It does all this while supporting your staff with an organized interface for gathering and displaying information. Let your patient check-in system focus on how to keep things running smoothly while you deliver the best care possible to those who need it. Here are five reasons that our patient check-in system helps your practice:

1.   Clearwave Scheduling Emphasizes Availability

Patients begin their engagement with your practice by scheduling an appointment. Most patients start this by calling your practice directly to set up their appointment and speaking to a member of your staff. The main problem with this method is that it requires the patient to call during business hours.

Your patients may get put on hold or be too busy to stay on the line while at work. Asking patients to do this is inefficient because you’re taking your staff away from more pressing matters that would keep your in-office patients satisfied. Finding availability for appointments shouldn’t be a burden.

Clearwave Scheduling software allows patients to book their own appointments 24/7. The system keeps everyone up to date, including your staff, at all times. You’ll never have to guess or think about when appointments were booked, changed, or canceled. This knowledge in real-time will allow your practice to maximize appointments without inundating your employees with complex scheduling difficulties.

2.   Clearwave Keeps Appointments Reliable by Reducing No-Shows

If someone misses their appointment, not only will that hurt your practice’s bottom line, but the patient is missing out on necessary care. Emergencies can happen. More often than not, no-shows occur due to patients being forgetful. Appointment reminders are an important way to combat this.

The solution to reducing no-shows and helping your bottom line is the implementation of appointment reminders. When patients book an appointment through Clearwave, they receive an automatic appointment reminder. The appointment reminder is sent by text message or email to make their visit front of mind.

A quick and easy reminder is all your patients need. It’s almost more effective than a postcard or phone message left on their voicemail.

3.   Pre-Check Delivers Convenience For the Patients and Staff

Your patients are busy. When they visit your practice, they want to get in and out as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you’re making patients fill out paperwork before seeing their doctor, it may feel like an inconvenience. One easy way to solve this problem is using Clearwave’s Pre-Check.

With Pre-Check, you can eliminate paperwork and switch the focus to a digital front door. Patients use their devices to send information through secure channels. Their information automatically gets checked and re-checked in the system and guided through a customizable workflow. Pre-Check gives your practice the ability to tailor patient interaction with the software.

Thanks to Pre-Check, many medical practices have reduced check-in to only three minutes or less. Reducing wait times significantly with a practice check-in system is one of the easiest ways to keep your patients happy and help your staff be more efficient. These two things make it much simpler to make your practice run smoothly.

4.   Clearwave Dashboard Keeps Your Staff Up to Date

Patient scheduling and pre-registration information are channeled directly to your staff through the Clearwave Dashboard portal. The Clearwave Dashboard is internal only but a resource that your practice needs. This interface is detailed but easy to use and read, with color-coded messages and alerts to warn users of missing or potentially incorrect information.

The dashboard administrator can easily see an overview of the days scheduled as it changes in real-time to manage and fill in open spots. The Clearwave Dashboard verifies patient insurance benefits an average of 7 times whenever they engage with the platform. Knowing that your patient’s insurance information is updated helps keep your bottom line and cash flow up to par.

5.   Clearwave Registration Offers Flexibility and Options

Clearwave enables your patients to use their smartphones to schedule appointments or check-in. It is still necessary to have an option available for check-in and payment in the office as a form of a backup. Using Clearwave patient self-check-in for kiosk, mobile and tablet, you can provide the same confidential, centralized flow in-house as the patient experiences at home on their smartphone.

Patients may check-in using a tablet at one appointment or their smartphone when they return. It’s essential that every time they check-in, the experience is seamless and easy to use. Offering your patients flexibility will help you stand out from your competitors. There will be no other choice for your patients if your practice treats them right.

Your relationships with your patients begin at their first interaction with your practice. For many of your patients, their first interaction with your practice may be in a digital sense. Offering them a capable system that saves them time and effort will make you stand out and improve patient satisfaction.

Clearwave consolidates the jobs of 10 platforms into one while maintaining the promise of simplicity. Schedule a quick thirty-minute demo to see how Clearwave works and how it could transform your practice!

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