Get the Most Out of Your OBGYN Practice with a Patient Engagement Software

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Working as an OBGYN requires delivering compassionate care to your patients. It may not seem like an algorithm could help with providing care, but it can be an asset. Utilizing a powerful patient engagement platform can free up you and your staff to connect with your existing patients when they need it and enable you to reach out to new patients who need quality care. Learn how to get the most out of your OBGYN practice with patient engagement software.

Give Your Patients Access While You Stay In Control

Patients want their interactions with your OBGYN practice to be as easy as possible. Start by putting access to scheduling appointments in their hands. With Clearwave, you can make new appointments a breeze. Getting new and expectant mothers into your schedule can’t be difficult. If you make patients jump through hoops in the form of phone trees or long holds, they may give up. Your obstetrician practice gets a leg up on the competition by giving patients access to scheduling their appointments.

Clearwave Patient Scheduling gives patients appointment scheduling options that work on their time. It’s accessible their way when they need it. You don’t have to only rely on phone calls anymore. Now, patients can book directly on your practice website or using voice response on the phone.

Even new patients can use Patient Scheduling to get matched with a provider. Our platform is EMR/PMS-agnostic. We pull provider data from multiple sources. The data is then applied to your scheduling needs, no matter how simple or complex they are. Clearwave Patient Scheduling is the best way to optimize scheduling at your OBGYN practice. When you give patients control, you can enjoy higher patient volume and real-time eligibility verification and pre-check through our powerful Dashboard.

Encourage Returning Patients By Simplifying Their Visit

One of the fastest and easiest ways to increase patient satisfaction is reducing wait time. It’s possible when you use Pre-Check. With Pre-Check, your patients can fill out paperwork the day before their appointment. They no longer have to come to your OBGYN practice early to fill out pages and pages of forms.

When you utilize Pre-Check, check-in becomes something that takes minutes and is hassle-free. Patients can also verify their insurance through Pre-Check using a guided workflow. You personalize your workflow, which depends on the needs of your practice. Reducing check-in times by putting the power into the hands of the patient leaves them feeling satisfied and in control of their day. You can also feel satisfied knowing that your appointments will flow better. Rather than worrying that appointment times will cut into each other, you can make sure patients see their doctor for the right amount of time.

Let Clearwave Automate Administrative Tasks

One of the main goals of a comprehensive patient engagement platform is to minimize the repetitive tasks that inundate your staff. Clearwave achieves this by automating most administrative tasks.

Not only is scheduling automatically updated, but your staff will be instantly updated when any information submitted by patients looks incorrect or incomplete. When patients submit their insurance information, all levels of benefits are checked multiple times to ensure nothing has changed, with no transaction fees. Alerts can be color-coded for even faster workflow optimization.

With Clearwave, you utilize a massive database of more than 50 medical records and practice management systems. You can keep your patient information updated with our network of partners and healthcare entities. Setting up automatic reminders keeps the patient in touch with the schedule. They receive simple text messages or emails the day before their appointment.

If a patient chooses a telehealth visit, they’ll receive an early text or email with convenient links to take them to their telehealth link. Provide real-time two-way texting for instructions and alerts without downloading an app. Using automation speeds up interactions for patients. It also frees up your staff to connect with patients and offer genuine assistance without getting off task.

Improve Revenue Collection and Minimize Uncomfortable Collection Problems

A necessary part of seeing patients is receiving payment. It can be challenging to provide care if there are interruptions to your cash flow. With Clearwave, you’ll get automatic insurance eligibility verification. Automatic insurance eligibility verification makes sure there are no surprises for the patient or your staff when it comes time to pay. Our insurance eligibility verification engine allows you to instantly see what a patient is required to pay once they’ve scheduled an appointment.

This can lead to a potential 90% decrease in insurance claim denials and a 65% improvement in collection rates. Clearwave shows the correct co-pay to every patient at check-in, so there are never any surprises at the end of their visit. This also cuts down on uncomfortable conversations your staff has to have with patients about what they owe. Instead of dreading their interactions, your team can help patients when they need it most.

Impress Potential New Patients With a Digital Front Door

There’s nothing more important to your OBGYN practice than your patients. Whether it’s potential new patients or those you’ve seen since the beginning, patient satisfaction is a must. Creating a digital front door means impressing all your patients. A digital-first approach will encourage patient engagement and inspire confidence in your practice’s ability to provide fast, quality care.

Choosing to offer patients scheduling convenience, easy check-in options, and financial transparency in an easy-to-use platform makes sense. Your patients will see that a digital-first approach means they are the priority. Driving patient engagement with every interaction from start to finish is the key to longevity in the world of healthcare. A robust platform can be a launchpad for your practice. While you and your staff care for your patients, Clearwave can support you.

Find out more about how Clearwave’s digital tools could help your practice by downloading our new Guide, Is Your Patient Check-In Getting 5-Star Reviews? by clicking here now!

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