5 Ways That Clearwave Supports Patient Engagement

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The primary goal of patient engagement is to empower patients to participate in their care. Better patient engagement results in meaningful and personalized interactions that lead to better health outcomes. It also results in increased retention rates, more referrals from satisfied patients and a healthier bottom line for your practice.

Keep reading to learn about 5 ways that your practice can use Clearwave to support patient engagement!

1.    Appointment Self-Scheduling

Clearwave’s online scheduling option allows patients to take control of their health by giving them a convenient tool to book their appointments when it’s convenient. Self-scheduling also lets patients reschedule or even cancel their appointments. Enabling self-scheduling with Clearwave can reduce your practice’s no-shows and allows your doctors to fill last-minute appointments.

2.    Patient Check-In

With Clearwave Connect for Kiosk, Tablet and Mobile, long check-in times at your practice will be a thing of the past. With Clearwave Connect, you can remove administrative bottlenecks that slow down patient intake. Instead, your front desk team can focus on patient satisfaction and care. This solution also provides your patients with the self-service options that they prefer. Whether patients want to check in on their smartphones or your practice uses a kiosk or tablet, having Clearwave Connect for Kiosk, Tablet and Mobile gives your patients the check-in flexibility they want and need.

3.   Insurance Eligibility Verification

Clearwave’s automated Eligibility-as-a-Service confirms patients’ insurance eligibility in real-time. The service simplifies the pre-authorization process while providing co-pay amounts for each patient and verifies primary, secondary and tertiary benefits. Patients arrive prepared for their visits, without surprises or frustration.

4.    Patient Collections

Clearwave’s technology engages your patients with the financial aspect of their care, adding patient collection right into check-in. It offers financial transparency on patient responsibility at the point of service, something your patients will appreciate. This considerably improves co-pay and balances collections upfront while also leading to more satisfied patients.

5.    Streamlined EHR/PMS Integrations

Clearwave integrates with a wide range of EMRs, hospital information and practice management systems to provide a superior experience. All patient data is always exactly where it should be by offering real-time check-ins and smooth data flow throughout patients’ care journeys. Integrated and streamlined data at your practice makes the patient experience much smoother.

Enhance Patient Engagement and Grow Your Practice with Clearwave

The seamless solutions offered by Clearwave for patient engagement will help your practice schedule more appointments, retain patients and attract new patients, all while seeing an increase in practice revenue. Clearwave’s seamless integration, excellent support, top-of-the-line functions and ease of use will provide an unmatched patient and provider experience.

Want to learn more about how you can improve patient engagement and grow your practice with Clearwave? Click here to read our new Patient Engagement page for more information!

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