4 Ways to Keep Patients Engaged While Reducing No-Shows

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Whether it’s new patients or someone coming to your practice for many years, patient engagement is key to reducing no-shows. But many medical practices struggle to provide their patients with the experience they want and deserve. Here are 4 ways to keep your patients engaged while helping reduce no-shows:

1.    Appointment Reminders

At one point, sending appointment reminders in the mail a few weeks before a patient was scheduled to see a dermatologist at your practice may have cut it, but not anymore. Patients are looking for convenience, and if you can’t provide it, they may go somewhere else. It could be as simple as customized appointment reminders. Clearwave offers these in both text message and email formats, so it’s a choice.

The appointment reminders include a link for telehealth appointments (if applicable) or patient pre-check information. A reminder that’s more than a card taped on the fridge or thrown away absentmindedly means your patients are much more likely to walk through the door when scheduled to.

2.    Patient Two-Way Texting

Another effective method of communicating with your patients and keeping them engaged is Two-Way Texting. Clearwave’s Two-Way Texting allows practices and patients to chat safely without worrying about downloading a clunky portal, remembering a new username to log in, or downloading anything extra to a phone.

It’s a simple method of sending templated responses (if desired) and any instructions or recommendations after a procedure. Patients are bound to have questions, and being able to answer them will strengthen the patient-doctor relationship. Answering questions quickly and timely only demonstrates further to patients why your practice is the best choice for them.

3.    Clearwave Registration for Mobile

Increasing patient loyalty and satisfaction may be as straightforward as offering patients the ability to check-in to appointments on their mobile phones. Clearwave Connect for Mobile gives patients the option of checking in on their cell phone confidentially and conveniently. If your practice has implemented any zero-contact check-in protocols, including virtual waiting rooms, Clearwave Connect for Mobile promotes this.

Patients are happier because it reduces check-in and waiting time before their appointments. When patients feel like their time is being valued, it leads to a better overall experience at your practice. Happy, satisfied patients are more likely to keep track of appointments.

4.    Upselling at Appointment Check-in for Dermatology and Ophthalmology

For dermatology and ophthalmology practices, in particular, Clearwave allows the upselling of premium services seamlessly. In ophthalmology, services like cataract surgery and LASIK are a premium, and qualified candidates must be identified. Using Clearwave means you have a wealth of information and data at your fingertips. It makes it more apparent who these candidates are and can even lead to spending less on advertising to find suitable patients.

When it comes to dermatology, the data collected can also help find patients who may benefit from elective procedures. With Clearwave, staff at your front desk can ask if patients are interested in these procedures during the check-in process. Finding out this information earlier drives a more relevant appointment for both the dermatologist and the patient from the very beginning.

If your practice has concerns about patient engagement and no-shows, the solution is simple. Find out how to modernize the patient journey, increase patient satisfaction, and keep patients engaged with Clearwave’s digital download now!

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