Why Clearwave Scheduling is a Necessary Tool for Medical Practices

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When looking at patient scheduling tools, ease-of-use is, of course, a top priority, as a digital solution should have immediate benefits for both your patients and your staff.

But did you know that a patient scheduling platform that automates patient appointments can also positively impact staff productivity and cash flow? Clearwave Scheduling gives your practice the edge it needs over the competition and streamlines workflows with immediate, tangible results. Here’s why this tool is essential for your practice:

Reduce No-Shows

No-shows are a frustration in any practice’s schedule — and can cost an average of $200 per unfulfilled time slot every day. There are many reasons why your patients fail to show up for their scheduled visits, but most often, it’s because they simply lose track of their next appointment, or it’s been booked for them and written on a card they misplace.

Clearwave’s patient scheduling software engages your patients, giving them the freedom and control to self-schedule visits and keep the appointment top-of-mind. Self-scheduling, guided by smart technology and your appointment rules, allows patients to reschedule or cancel in good time so you can fill unused time slots. Clearwave Scheduling’s appointment reminders by text or email keeps patients connected to your practice, reducing no-shows to a minimum.

Increase Patient Satisfaction

It takes roughly eight minutes to book an appointment manually, including time spent being transferred or put on hold. Yet, people can independently book flights, hotel rooms, car rentals, and more in quicker, self-led interactions. Why wouldn’t they also expect the same convenience extended to them when they try to schedule their doctor’s appointment?

The traditional way of booking appointments in a 1:1 interaction no longer makes sense, especially when there are staffing shortages and smart solutions that work exponentially more efficiently. Right now, it’s important to keep patients coming in and show them how frictionless it can be to get an appointment.

With a system like Clearwave Scheduling, patients can manage appointments from the comfort of wherever they are, in real-time. The simplicity and speed increase patient satisfaction and patient retention, ensuring well-organized patient volume and loyalty to your practice.

De-Stress the Front Desk

Automated scheduling with embedded eligibility verification is a game-changer for practices, dropping so many of the hours spent each week answering phones, playing phone tag with patients, calling patients to remind them to come in, checking numerous insurance websites and following up on denied claims.

Clearwave Scheduling frees up time for your staff. By automating the most redundant of their activities, their workloads become more meaningful. Patients experience a de-stressed front desk and more personalized attention.

Boost Patient Engagement and Improve Practice Efficiency with Clearwave

With Clearwave’s patient scheduling software, you can redefine patient access and open your digital front door.

Want to find out more about how Clearwave can transform your practice? Click here to watch our newest video and learn all about Clearwave Scheduling for yourself!

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