Get the Most Bang for Your Buck by Utilizing Healthcare Technology

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Advances in healthcare technology have made it flexible enough to meet all of your patients and practices’ needs, from enhancing patient experience to maximizing your practice’s return on investment and everything in between. Here’s how Clearwave technology can enable you to get the most bang for your buck.

Clearwave Scheduling

Digital self-scheduling software allows your practice to provide the convenience that healthcare consumers demand and expect. At the same time, it gives patients control over their scheduling. When patients can book their appointments, it encourages them to attend more of their upcoming visits.

Having this ability considerably reduces no-shows as patients can choose an appointment time that best fits their schedules. Additionally, your front office staff can manage cancellations by filling the open slots with last-minute appointments. With Clearwave Scheduling, your patients can pre-register online and receive automated appointment reminders.

If your practice sets it up, they can even check into a virtual waiting room using their smartphone. This level of convenience maximizes patient satisfaction and leads to a better patient experience. It also helps your team get more done. Clearwave Scheduling offers a robust solution that sets your practice apart from your competition while meeting the needs and expectations of your patients.

The result is happy patients who are more likely to share their positive experiences with others in online reviews. Reputation management is an integral part of attracting new patients while retaining existing ones.  Utilizing a self-scheduling platform delivers unprecedented efficiency right off the bat that patients appreciate and love. This builds loyalty and increases retention. With increased patient retention, you can keep your practice financially healthy.

SchedLogic Matching Algorithm

There’s an ideal medical provider for every patient. Our SchedLogic cutting-edge technology combines patient history, preferences, and needs with provider expertise and preferences. Knowing this information helps to match patients with the perfect physician each time. Thanks to Clearwave, your patients will have peace of mind knowing they see the best doctor for their needs.

By accurately and quickly scheduling patients with the right provider, you’ll minimize wasted resources and time while improving clinical outcomes. This halts patient attrition rates due to dissatisfaction in its tracks, tremendously increasing retention and eventually revenue.

Integrated Patient Engagement Platform

Ultimately, the goal of your medical practice is to provide the best possible care to patients. With Clearwave’s patient engagement platform that seamlessly integrates with leading practice management systems and electronic medical records, you can streamline workflows and attain higher levels of engagement, key in retention and improving financial outcomes for your practice.

Here’s how:

Clearwave has created a platform that has a single identifier for each patient. It integrates and simultaneously automates patient intake and access while offering patients an intuitive consumer experience throughout the continuum-of-care process. Providing an integrated patient engagement platform presents many benefits, including enhanced patient care and experience from pre-visit to post-appointment.

Clearwave automates billing and integrates it with patient intake, leading to more accuracy and fewer disruptions. It also enhances scheduling and operational efficiency, consequently improving your bottom line.

Boost Your ROI with Clearwave

Clearwave’s healthcare technology considerably reduces no-shows and improves operational efficiency while enhancing the patient experience. These benefits ensure your practice receives the greatest return on investment.

Curious about how Clearwave can help your practice achieve the highest ROI? Schedule a quick 30-minute demo with us now to find out!

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