Better Together: Clearwave EHR Integrations

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Convenient, customizable and user-friendly, Clearwave patient engagement tools let patients connect to your practice and help your staff and practice to work more efficiently.

Clearwave seamlessly integrates into existing EHRs, PMs, HISs and other systems, streamlining workflows and lifting the burden from many of your routine tasks.

Common EHR integrations that Clearwave features include Athenahealth, Meditech, ModMed, NextGen, Unlimited and many more. Clearwave enables your practice to enhance patient engagement through pre-check communication and registration, self-scheduling, eligibility verification that offers financial transparency, and patient collections that allow patients to pay for a visit at the point of service.


Reduce time spent by patients checking into your practice using Pre-Check. Patients can complete registration on their smartphones before their in-office visit, negating the need for filling out paper forms beforehand.

Online registration accelerates the efficiency of your practice as a whole, allowing you to see more patients. It also reduces wait times, which contributes to a more positive patient experience.


  • User-friendly, quick, and based on SmartLogic technology
  • Offers instant eligibility verification in sections, as an appointment is booked
  • Uniquely identifies patients to verify identity
  • Customizable to meet practice and provider needs
  • Can be used on websites or in call centers

A Digital Health Consumer Survey found that 68% of patients are more likely to choose a medical provider that gives them the option to book, change, and cancel their appointments online. Appeal to your patients by shifting decision-making to them with the opportunity for self-scheduling their appointments. Giving them more control over their care boosts engagement, increasing the chances of patients confirming, rescheduling or canceling their appointments based on what works best for them.

The convenience and speed of self-scheduling will improve patient satisfaction while delivering higher patient retention rates. First-time patients will be impressed by the simple, efficient booking experience, helping you turn them into long-term patients. Your practice can also fill last-minute cancelations, avoiding lost revenue because of non-billable hours on your schedule.

Insurance Verification

  • Scrubs patient insurance information for errors and accuracy, increasing the number of clean claims submitted
  • Detailed, updated insurance verification results in real-time
  • Calculates estimated insurance payment and patient responsibility
  • Pre-authorization capabilities

The top cause of denials (which has stayed the same since 2016) is registration/eligibility, approaching almost 27% of claim denials. Manual insurance verification won’t do if your practice wants to stay profitable and keep your patients satisfied. It’s a process that’s riddled with errors that block your cash flow.

Overcome this hurdle with Eligibility-as-a-Service from Clearwave. With Clearwave, you can confirm payer benefits and coverage details, including deductibles, co-insurance, and copays, electronically throughout the billing process. The outcome? Reduced denied insurance claims by up to an impressive 90 percent, along with identifying and addressing coverage problems upfront and increased revenue generation.

Processing Payments

  • Request any past-due balances from patients when they come in for appointments
  • Change patients’ likelihood of paying for appointments on the same day
  • Have a card-on-file option to make checking in more accessible and effective

Receiving payments is one of the most challenging pain points for practices. Clearwave ensures patients know what they owe you without interrupting their experience. Armed with information on cost estimations of service and existing bills, your team can educate patients about any outstanding balances before seeing anyone at your practice. Clearwave also simplifies the payment process for patients with technology like tablets and kiosks, increasing point-of-sale collections by up to 65 percent.

Differentiate Your Practice and Give Patients What They Need with Clearwave

Clearwave helps to improve the patient experience and processes at your practice by providing top-of-the-line solutions that fit the unique needs of your patients’ busy lives and your medical practice. With solutions from Clearwave, patient care takes the spotlight, ensuring unparalleled patient support and engagement.

Want to know more about how Clearwave’s connected solutions can elevate care and improve outcomes at your practice for your patients? Click here to learn more about the EHRs that Clearwave integrates with!

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