Why Patient Check-In Times Should Be Under 3 Minutes

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Medical practices’ infamously long wait times are primarily the result of multi-step, manual processes for patient check-in that involve a stack of paperwork and a lot of data entry. It’s estimated that after completing paperwork and getting insurance and ID cards scanned in, the average wait time for patients is another twenty minutes while information is processed by staff.

It’s a process and wait that is proving to be too long for many people. In this digital age, patients will switch healthcare providers when they find one that operates more efficiently.

Patient churn can occur when patients regularly spend too much time waiting to be seen. They may share a disappointing experience in conversation, online or in negative reviews. New patients that arrive and see a full waiting room of patients and little movement will look for care elsewhere. Inefficient check-in can develop into more canceled appointments, no shows and a drop in patient volume that will have a serious effect on your bottom line.

Reducing patient check-in wait times makes your patients happier. A 3-minute check-in and efficient intake process make patients more willing to come back for future care.

How can your practice reduce its wait time to under three minutes? Read more about the tools from Clearwave that streamline the check-in process:


Make patient intake anytime and anywhere possible with Pre-Check from Clearwave. Patients can provide accurate and detailed demographic information before their appointment no matter where they are, even on mobile devices. As a result, this secure and convenient tool speeds up patient check-in at the time of visit.

Clearwave Registration for Kiosk, Tablet and Mobile

Every practice stands to benefit from using Clearwave patient self-registration Kiosk, Tablet and Mobile. The self-service check-in tool puts patients in charge of their care experience. It offers patients the convenience of checking in and waiting for a physician using their mobile devices.

Clearwave for Kiosk, Tablet and Mobile boosts intake efficiency and drops wait time to under 3 minutes.

Using Clearwave, your practice will be able to easily and quickly collect the correct patient data at check-in, with multiple languages available.

The perks of these technologies include:

  • Improved efficiency of your front office desk
  • Shorter wait times for patients during check-in
  • An improved patient experience.

Zero-Contact Patient Check-In

Despite the ongoing pandemic, not all visits can be converted to telehealth appointments, making the need for in-office visits necessary. At the same time, some practices depend on fee-for-service medical billing to keep their doors open.

Such situations make opening practices critical to both patients and healthcare providers. The solution? Zero-Contact Patient Check-In from Clearwave. The benefits of this software-based platform are numerous.

It ensures social distancing is maintained by creating virtual waiting rooms, where patients wait in their cars until their provider is ready to see them.

Patients that need care don’t have to be afraid of visiting their healthcare providers due to the risk of exposure. Simultaneously, many patients prefer to wait for their appointments in places besides a crowded waiting room. Zero Contact Patient Check-In enables patients to remain at a distance until they’re notified that they are ready for their appointment. This makes it more convenient and safer for patients.

Easy and Quick Check-In with Clearwave

The last thing your patients need to deal with is long wait times before an appointment. With Clearwave, long wait times at check-in will be a thing of the past. The flexible solutions from Clearwave simplify visits.

Learn more about how your practice can get your patient check-in times to under three minutes by downloading Clearwave’s case study about St. Cloud Orthopedic Associates here!

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