Embracing 24/7 Patient Self-Scheduling in 2022

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Incorporating a robust and modern technological approach to their business is no longer optional for a practice that wants to stay competitive in the current market. Patients no longer desire a simple way to schedule an appointment. They now expect it.

The demand for this solution to patient scheduling needs has dramatically increased as the world has changed and evolved. Patients have become more accustomed to using alternative means of engaging with their healthcare providers. Leaning into this popular form of scheduling will make your practice a leader in driving patient satisfaction and new patient acquisition.

Another bonus is you’ll be able to free up time for your staff to help patients who may need other forms of care. Read on to learn how to embrace 24/7 patient self-scheduling in 2022.

The Importance of Availability

Scheduling medical appointments can seem challenging but they don’t have to be! Using traditional scheduling methods means patients need to book their appointment during work hours when your practice is open and can answer phone calls. This can often conflict with patients’ workdays and use valuable time.

Make your practice available anytime with Clearwave’s patient scheduling software. It’s accessible to patients every day and at any time. It allows them to choose an appointment slot that works for them without being put on hold or waiting for a return call.

The software puts the power in the hands of your patients. But it also allows your practice and staff to remain in full control. That control will allow you to organize your workflow and make your practice as efficient as possible. Clearwave Scheduling software also remains flexible enough to change at a moment’s notice.

Did an appointment need to be canceled? The time is automatically returned to the inventory of what is available. Your practice will have more flexibility for same-day accommodations if a patient needs to see a doctor same day.

How Clearwave Scheduling Emphasizes Convenience

Being accessible is not the only step Clearwave’s patient scheduling platform takes to improve patient satisfaction. It is also designed to be intuitive so that new and returning patients alike can navigate it quickly and easily using the SchedLogic™ Matching Algorithm. Patients who enter the scheduling workflow of the system are guided through personalized questions so they can get the best care for their needs.

The algorithm matches patients to ensure that the right providers see them at the correct times. Our SchedLogic™ patient portal scheduling technology then creates appointments that maximize organizational efficiency at your practice and your patients’ access.

First Impressions Count

Clearwave’s patient scheduling software is a core part of your digital front door. The digital front door is often the first interaction a new patient has with your practice. Looking for a new doctor means the search almost always begins online.

The internet has made finding healthcare providers much more convenient. That also means that practices face increased competition. Patients who have difficulty booking an appointment may end up looking elsewhere for their care.

Clearwave utilizes multiple features that work together to gather required information and lead patients. The software modernizes the entire scheduling process and makes it faster. It’s also more flexible and simpler than ever before. Your patients will notice this immediately and appreciate the extra mile your practice has chosen with self-scheduling options.

Learn more about how to use self-scheduling to bolster your practice and other recommendations by reading our new whitepaper, Top 5 Trends Impacting Practices in 2022. Click here to download it now!

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