4 Ways Ditching The Clipboard Can Improve Patient Relations

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Patients are looking to engage with their healthcare providers using modern methods and technology more than ever before. One of the easiest ways to increase patient satisfaction is moving away from tracking patient information using pen and paper. Instead, focus on digital solutions for patient check-in to streamline and access patient records.

But not all digital patient engagement platforms are made the same. Clearwave can help your practice stand above the competition by connecting you with your patients efficiently and conveniently!

1.   Reduce Wait Times and Increase Patient Satisfaction with Pre-Check

Your patients spend a lot of time in waiting rooms filling out forms. Make things more convenient for them and your staff by reducing wait times by implementing an automated workflow. Using old technologies can create bottlenecks, slowing down how efficiently you can see patients.

Simplify the process by utilizing Pre-Check from Clearwave to check-in patients. It allows the patient to file their information before ever setting foot into the office. They are automatically guided through the process, which verifies their data in real-time and is completely customizable based on your practice’s needs. Once a patient has been registered using Pre-Check, the system remembers their information. This means reducing wait times and making patients more satisfied and willing to return as repeat patients.

2.   Supply Convenience with Clearwave Registration

Prioritizing your patients’ convenience will create a sense of loyalty, which you can do by giving them easy access to options. Thanks to Clearwave Pre-Check, a patient can complete their Pre-Check experience entirely in the comfort of their own home the day before their appointment. Using a simple QR code or link, they can fully engage with the platform without downloading an app or creating an account. The process is simple and confidential while also reducing person-to-person contact.

Inside the practice itself, you can offer patient self-registration via Clearwave Kiosks, mobile or tablet. Clearwave is an excellent option for patients who feel more comfortable filling out the information at your office. Both options are secure and easy to use, accelerating your patients’ visits and your ability to collect payment.

3.   Minimize No-Shows Using Appointment Reminders

The key to minimizing missed appointments and no-shows is to maximize how your patients engage with your platform. By making it easy for patients to fill out their information and schedule sessions, they can participate in the timetable created without confusion or redundancy.

To further increase cohesion between you and your patients, you can set up custom automated reminders to ensure they are up to date and ready to go for their visit.

4.   Stay in Touch with Two-Way Texting

Keeping in contact with your patients is one of the best ways to build trust. These days, the best way to deliver on that is by communicating directly through a patient’s phone. By far, patients prefer this instead of downloading unwanted apps or using outdated portals.

Clearwave offers two-way texting, which can help your patients will feel safe when they receive instructions from their doctor. They’ll also feel comfortable responding while allowing your practice to be more efficient.

Digital solutions from Clearwave are here to help your practice increase efficiency and patient satisfaction. Learn more by scheduling a quick thirty-minute demo with Clearwave today!

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