4 Qualities to Look for When Hiring New Staff at Cardiology Practices

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Your staff and team are the foundation that keeps your practice running smoothly. A practice is only as strong as the staff that supports it. It is not only crucial for your cardiology practice operations to hire the right people, but it is crucial for your patients.

Your team is the face of your practice and the first ones to interact with your patients. Make the hiring process at your cardiology practice easier by looking for these four qualities!

1.   Prioritization and Organization

The most basic function of a team member is to keep things moving. If productivity halts at one person, it can disrupt everyone’s workflow. Make sure anyone you’re hiring will work efficiently and neatly. They need to keep things orderly and organized while keeping track of which goals they want to meet first. The first place this starts is with their workspace. Clutter can be distracting for them and anyone who might need to step in. Being easily overwhelmed is a red flag as things can get hectic on the job.

Clearwave can help your cardiology practice stay organized automatically by updating how you manage scheduling, freeing your staff up to take on more critical customer support issues while dealing with hiring at the same time. Your practice will spend less time focusing on scheduling and more time choosing a team member that fits.

2.   Communication Skills

Working well with others is the basis for team building. Healthcare practices, including those in cardiology, need multiple people working in sync to accomplish your goals.

Potential candidates should be able to take the initiative when necessary. They need to be able to communicate well and be willing to rise to the occasion when necessary. Working in the healthcare field may mean knowing when to support other staff members if the workday becomes demanding. They must keep fluid lines of communication open while staying professional.

3.   An Eye for Detail and Problem Solving

When handling any healthcare, such as cardiology, a new hire must be focused. Avoid improper documentation and errors on claims whenever possible.

The easiest way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to hire someone with an eye for details and problem-solving. But another solution that can help your new hire to succeed is to implement Eligibility-as-a-Service. With Eligibility-as-a-Service, you can avoid these problems occurring.

The software runs real-time insurance eligibility checks an average of 7 times per patient engagement to ensure a patient’s coverage has not lapsed or changed. Using this solution will ensure your new team member is set up for success from Day One.

4.   Responsibilities of the Practice

It isn’t only on the people you hire to be excellent. Your practice needs to strive to be a place where people want to work hard and shine. Developing the right workplace culture will not only bring in excellent talent but will also help you retain the people who keep your cardiology practice running.

Make sure your workplace is conducted with respect, whether between coworkers or between employer and employees. Encourage flexibility and give people a chance for growth in the company by offering paths to forward in their careers. Above all else, you can set your team up for success by choosing Clearwave to consolidate and automate workflows at your practice.

Ready to learn how Clearwave can help your staff and improve your cardiology practice? Download our guide to recruiting, 4 Tips to Combat Healthcare Front Desk Staffing and Recruiting Challenges today!

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