The True Benefit of Using Clearwave as Your Patient Engagement Platform

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Engaging with your patients is a critical part of running a healthcare practice. Many practices may mismanage it without realizing it. Many moving parts go into keeping your patients engaged and continuing to deliver quality care simultaneously. If you want to amplify your practice’s productivity while driving patient engagement to an all-time high, look no further than Clearwave.

Clearwave is only one platform but its software manages to perform the work of many different vendors simultaneously. By making strategic improvements to your practice’s workflow, patients will have an easier time finding the proper care, booking appointments and staying in touch.

Informed patients are also engaged ones that will continue to come back to your practice. Here’s a deeper look into how Clearwave’s technology operates and why it’s beneficial to use Clearwave as your patient engagement platform.

Updating the Way Patients and Doctors View Scheduling

If scheduling feels frustrating then it’s time for a change. Your front desk has better things to do than to get bogged down by cancellations or new requests for appointments by your patients that change at a moment’s notice. The time your team spends dealing with scheduling problems is time they could be spending helping your patients.

Clearwave solves these issues by giving patients 24/7 access to self-schedule appointments. Patients can book appointments through Clearwave Scheduling on their time, and your staff still has control over your schedule and receives any valuable information about how appointments have changed.

When a patient books an appointment, the information is sent in real-time to the practice on the Clearwave Dashboard. From here, you can view the individual patient status.

Saving Time with Pre-Check

Imagine eliminating wait times at your practice and reducing patient check-in to three minutes or less. How significantly would your front desk be transformed? These great practices are attainable when you use Pre-Check.

Pre-Check is one solution that saves time for your practice and patients. By proving a link and user-friendly format for patient intake, your practice can drastically reduce frustration and lead to faster and more efficient care.

Pre-Check saves patients time filling out forms since they complete all necessary demographic and medical history information before their appointment on their device. Using Pre-Check from home, at work or using their mobile phone, patients will register, update vital information and provide necessary documentation before coming into your practice for their appointment, even days in advance. Once they’ve arrived, they check-in using Clearwave Connect on a provided kiosk or tablet or use their mobile device. We’ve found that when using Clearwave Pre-Check, patients tend to complete digital intake more thoroughly. Patients appreciate the extra time, and don’t have the same uncertainty of adding a Social Security number to a paper form that can be misplaced or not stored securely.

Verifying Info Securely with Eligibility-as-a-Service

The financial aspect of healthcare can be a sore point for many patients, and it can be particularly frustrating when this part of the visit is unclear. Clearwave’s market-leading tool, Eligibility-as-a-Service to verify the patient’s coverage with total transparency, instantly.

The results are apparent: Clearwave decreases insurance claim denials and significantly improves collection rates across the board. Improving collection rates creates an atmosphere of trust and prevents interruptions to the cash flow of your healthcare practice. As an added benefit, Clearwave does not charge for transaction fees, meaning more savings for everyone!

The true benefit of Clearwave is its ability to make everyone’s life easier. From the patient’s first interaction with your practice to when it is time to collect and beyond, Clearwave sweeps away doubt and confusion.

Learn more about the many benefits of using Clearwave as your patient engagement platform!

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