Top 6 Trends for Healthcare Practices in 2023

In 2023, healthcare practices will rapidly modernize as they face a fast-expanding competitive landscape. Private Equity (PE) investments are fueling consolidation, reimbursement regulations are shifting and more procedures are moving from hospitals to outpatient settings. What’s your plan to build operational resilience and revenue growth in 2023?

In this guide, review the trends that will drive decision-makers in healthcare practices in 2023, including:

The reimbursement challenge, due to new regulations and policy changes

Creating differentiation through digital-first patient experiences

Full-time employee management of costs, burnout and efficiency

Automation to create smart, lean and agile practice operations

Personalizing patient care through data

Private Equity investments and the impact on the healthcare landscape

Specialty practice leaders are taking action — all while staying laser-focused on thoughtfully and proactively getting patients seen. Get the guide and see how to make it happen.