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Deliver the Ideal First Impression in Your Hospital or Health System

Delivering the ideal first impression in a hospital or health system is both an art and a science. Clearwave’s innovative approach to patient check-in is based on 15 years of experience and technology that gets to the heart of what matters most.

Your patients expect to find the modern conveniences of retail in their interactions with your hospital or health system—including the ability to manage their care experience. At Clearwave, our approach to patient intake empowers patients to self-direct their check-in while improving efficiency and capacity for your medical team.

Clearwave’s electronic patient check-in platform transforms the patient experience while improving point-of-service collections, work flow and follow-up. Our automated platform meets patients where they are in their digital adoption journey, with options that range from healthcare kiosks to mobile solutions. Time saved at patient registration supports more meaningful interactions with patients—and significantly reduces costs for your organization.

How It Works

Clearwave’s connected technologies increase efficiency and patient throughput for your hospital or health system, eliminating a trip to the front desk.

With the touch of a few buttons, your patients can:

  • Alert office staff that they have arrived
  • Verify or change their address, insurance information, health status, or update other demographics as well as driver’s license or prescriptions
  • Sign consent forms
  • Notify office staff of their communication preferences

Payments can be processed directly from the healthcare kiosk, increasing convenience for your patients and revenue for your organization. Updates to patient data can be transferred straight from the kiosk to the EHR for added efficiency.

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The Clearwave Difference

Reduced Administrative Burden

Clearwave’s self-service check-in platform frees patient registration staff from manual check-in procedures and eliminates redundancy. Staff talent can then be directed to more value-added activities, such as patient financial counseling and marketing of preventative care services to patients.

Increased Capacity

Patients complete the electronic check-in process in three minutes or less—allowing more patients to schedule a visit, which increases capacity and improves revenue.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Shifting patient intake to a patient kiosk or a mobile app offers a significant timesaver for those who may be managing not only their own healthcare experience, but also taking care of their loved ones.

Improved Revenue

Some primary care practices struggle with point-of-service collections. Clearwave’s automated patient check-in system changes the psychology of patient payment by requesting payment for copays and past-due balances directly from the healthcare kiosk.

Key Benefits


of our clients’ patients use self-service registration


of front-desk staff are able to focus on other duties


reduction in patient registration errors

Self-check-in software improves forms management for specialty care practices

Self-check-in software improves forms management for specialty care practices

Patients spend 50% less time completing forms because our healthcare kiosk eliminates redundancy

Patients spend 50% less time completing forms because our healthcare kiosk eliminates redundancy


average reduction in wait times

Client Testimonial

In just one month, UAB Medicine’s orthopedics department captured 3,000 driver’s license updates, 515 new email addresses, 1,000 primary insurance updates and 475 secondary phone numbers through Clearwave’s healthcare kiosks. UAB is now expanding the approach to all its outpatient clinics, with the potential to touch more than 1 million patient visits per year.
UAB Medicine
Rob Crabtree