Baptist Health

Baptist Health, located in Montgomery, Alabama is comprised of three hospitals, one outpatient cancer center, five outpatient imaging centers, an outpatient surgery center, as well as multiple physician groups and breast health clinics, which collectively operate on six different billing systems.


In 2012, the health system recognized the following issues impacting its revenue cycle and registration process:

  • High deductible health plans had shifted the burden of payment from the insurance company to the patient.
  • Patient record management issues resulted in the creation of duplicate records and the inability to accurately identify patients across multiple disparate scheduling/billing systems.
  • Inconsistent registration processes did a poor job in capturing critical data (e.g., patient demographics, insurance, etc.), resulting in a high rate of claim rejections and returned mail.
  • An excessive amount of time was being spent by administrative taff and clinicians in complying with HIPAA and meeting Meaningful Use criteria.
  • Patient registration bottlenecks and increased registration time resulted in patient frustration and reduced patient throughput.



Clearwave’s self-service kiosk solution creates one consistent registration process throughout the health system and improves the patient experience across the Baptist Health system. The Clearwave self-service check-in process automatically verifies a patient’s insurance and demographics, eliminates paper forms and collects the patient’s payment, all in less than three minutes. The clearwave solution is customized for the specific needs of different clinical environments, interfaces seamlessly with the multiple scheduling/billing systems, providing one system-wide application for verifying eligibility.

  • SPEEDY CHECK-IN: Dramatic decrease in patient registration time, the front desk workload has been reduced, and lines have been eliminated.
  • REDUCTION IN ERRORS: Duplicate patient records are identified in real-time at check-in, so the health system can immediately review and fix the issue.
  • SEAMLESS INTEGRATION: Across the health system’s various hospital and clinical environments, 94% of the patients register at the kiosk.
  • NEW OPPORTUNITIES: Targeted advertisements for specific services, such as 24% of current/former smokers requested to have the hospital’s new lung cancer screening when asked at the kiosk.
  • MULTILINGUAL: All of this is done in the end-user’s native language which has dramatically reduced the length of check in and the possibility for errors due to language barriers.


Quick Stats

  • Implemented Clearwave Solution: 10/2012
  • Implemented Mobile Pre-CheckTM: 06/2016
  • Initial Number of Kiosks: 10
  • Current Number of Kiosks: 82
  • Patient Utilization: 94%
  • Hospital Information System: McKesson Star / Cerner
  • Average Reduction in Check-In Time: 74 %
  • Clearwave Check-in Time: 2 minutes 18 seconds, down from 9 minutes and 22 seconds.

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