Where FQHC Funding Can Have the Most Immediate Impact

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Understanding the American Rescue Plan Act FQHC Funding for Health Centers (H8F)

America’s Rescue Plan FQHC funding aims to reduce the impact of COVID-19 in the United States’ most vulnerable populations. The communities that FQHCs serve have been at increased risk in the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, H8F funding will also provide relief to support the recovery and stabilization of health centers and the health center workforce. It will also serve to facilitate growth with health equity as a focus.

Optimizing H8F FQHC Funding for Maximum Effect

As a trusted technology partner, Clearwave supports FQHCs with digital applications that offer immediate impact in bettering FQHC operations, financial health, staff workload and patient self-management.

For FQHCs, streamlining solutions benefit patients, staff, operations and financial health. For instance, mobile, kiosk and tablet technology include patient self-scheduling, real-time eligibility verification, patient-managed pre-check and check-in and communications. Likewise, specific FQHC-relevant functions comprise managed care coordinator identification, multiple language offerings, customized intake questions for sexual orientation and gender identity and walk-in patient management for migrant or homeless people.

FQHC Funding Impact Areas

Digital Solutions for Safety, Ease-of-Use and Growth

Clearwave supports health centers in providing digital safety with zero-contact check-in and virtual waiting rooms.

With Clearwave, patients can schedule appointments and pre-register and check-in from their mobile device or our kiosks or tablets.

Eligibility verification starts as an appointment is scheduled and automatically checks primary, secondary and tertiary insurance and identifies a managed care coordinator before the patient visit to ensure accuracy for claims and reimbursements.

In fact, the structure and user-friendly functionality of Clearwave help FQHCs connect to their communities, ease health center staff workload and clarify workflows for maximum productivity and transparency.

Top Opportunity Areas

With Clearwave as a technology partner, FQHCs can:

  • Streamline and optimize operations
  • Facilitate and improve digital patient access
  • Allow patient appointment self-scheduling
  • Create cleaner claims
  • Accelerate collections
  • Simplify eligibility
  • Identify managed care coordinators at the start
  • Lessen FQHC staff workload and automate administrative activities
  • Support patient communication
  • Provide robust data collection
  • Improve patient engagement
  • Increase patient acquisition

At the start of 2021, we looked at the next steps for FQHCs in “The Top Six Trends Impacting FQHCs in 2021” (click to download):

Quote 2021 FQHC Trends Clearwave

We are proud to support our FQHC customers with innovation and technology that supports and advances their work. Register for a demo and let’s talk about your challenges and how we can support your FQHC’s recovery, stabilization and growth.

How can FQHCS use the American Rescue Plan Act Funding for Health Centers (H8F)?

The Health Resources and Services Administration highlights the primary ways in which H8F may be used.

  • COVID-19 vaccine capacity
  • COVID-19 response and treatment capacity
  • Maintaining and increasing health center capacity
  • Recovery and stabilization of health centers
  • Physical infrastructure support

Visit HRSA.gov for more information on how H8F funding may be utilized.



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