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Because of the mobile and digital capabilities available today, Americans have a stronger consumer mindset towards many of their daily interactions. This also includes how they feel about healthcare. People now expect a convenient, patient-centric experience when it comes to their healthcare providers.

Digital patient check-in kicks off an improved patient experience, but with Clearwave, your practice will deliver an optimized patient journey from start to finish.

Clearwave’s patient check-in begins on mobile, kiosk or tablet, in a contact-free and fast approach that patients appreciate.

Check-in is then enhanced with integrated, workflow-boosting functionality, including:

Real-Time Eligibility Verification, Simplified Collections

patient check in system

Clearwave’s Eligibility-as-a-Service begins as an appointment is scheduled. It flags any inconsistencies in insurance verification or necessary data updates to prepare staff for the day(s) ahead and confirm that coverage has not lapsed or changed. Clearwave’s eligibility verification checks primary, secondary, and tertiary coverage to provide valuable financial transparency.

As patients check in, Clearwave displays estimated co-payments and any open balances. Patients are able to make payments and clear balances directly – and can even use a card on file for payment. This clear and simple transaction helps your practice to:

  • Significantly improve cash flow
  • Free up staff workload
  • Eliminate awkward requests for payments
  • Decrease insurance claim denials with accurate data
  • Minimize the cost of paper resources
  • Reduce collection fees
  • Decrease write-offs.

Eligibility-as-a-Service can be configured to the unique workflows and billing requirements of your specialty practice.

Two-Way Text Messaging

Clearwave’s two-way texting lets your practice easily communicate with patients on their mobile device with manual or templated responses. A patient might respond to an appointment reminder when running late, rescheduling or requesting directions.

With two-way texting, you can automate workflows for reminders and online patient intake. Two-way texting also reduces friction, allowing patients to comfortably communicate with your practice. Two-way texting is an easy way to increase patient satisfaction without adding extra tasks for your staff to manage.

Appointment Reminders

These days, it’s hard to get anyone to answer their phone – your patients included. This might mean a higher likelihood of your patients missing or forgetting appointments. When you’re unable to get in touch with patients, it can result in no-shows and lost revenue. With Clearwave’s automated appointment reminders, you’ll reach your patients on time and have a more effective daily schedule with less wasted gaps.

For every scheduled appointment, Clearwave sends strategically-timed appointment reminders by text or email. This is what patients expect in modern medical practices, and you’ll also see the results in a more effective front office.

Provide a Superior Patient Experience with Clearwave

Too many things are keeping patients out of medical offices at the moment, from COVID worries to unmanageable schedules. The last thing your patients need is calling your practice to book an appointment and being put on hold.

Clearwave gives your patients an easy incentive to return to your practice by letting them self-schedule, wherever they are.

Using digital, intuitive and patient-centric tools allows you to support social distancing, enhance patient experience and satisfaction and build long-term loyalty. It’s a better solution for today’s patient-consumer demands.

Clearwave offers your patients added convenience and allows your practice to deliver a seamless care experience. It’s not just a better check-in – use Clearwave to increase patient access while improving acquisition and retention.

See for yourself how Clearwave can help your practice succeed. Thanks to Clearwave, Baptist Health improved its check-in time by an average of 74% – click here to download the case study.

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