Technology and Innovation in Healthcare

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How does a hospital, health system or specialty practice signal an innovative approach to high-quality care? Joining exceptional patient treatment with digital solutions supports the framework for an elevated patient experience — one that results in higher quality scores and a favorable reputation in the increasingly-competitive field of healthcare.

We were curious about what it meant to an award-winning health system to incorporate the job function of Associate Director of Emerging Tech and Health Innovation to the team. In an interview between Mike Lamb, Clearwave CEO, and Jason Swoboda of Tampa General Hospital, whose title piqued our interest, we talked about several facets of providing digital solutions to large-scale healthcare operations and the benefits. Watch “Jason Swoboda of Tampa General Hospital explains his role.”

Being “the safest and most innovative academic health system in America” is the goal at Tampa General. They believe in innovation to:

  • Improve quality of outcomes
  • Improve team member engagement
  • Improve patient satisfaction
  • Decrease overall costs.

Watch “Innovation’s significance at a leading 1,000+ bed health system.”

The dedication to caring for patients’ health and wellbeing also co-exists with the acknowledgement of the patient as a consumer. We see this especially when it comes to the patient engagement solutions that connect patients with their physicians and treatment decisions. Involving patients in their care supports that relationship as well as the patient experience. Mike Lamb and Jason Swoboda talk about the concept. Watch “Considering the patient-consumer in hospitals and health systems.”

Going more in-depth with TGH in focus as a tech-forward health system, we wanted to fully understand the impact of the patient as a consumer on the operations of hospitals and health systems. Watch “The patient-consumer impact on hospitals and health systems.”

Digital patient access is crucial for strong patient engagement — but facilitating access also benefits organizations in streamlining workflows and processes while ensuring data accuracy for greater financial health. We discussed digital patient access in a health system setting. Watch “Digital patient access meeting patients’ needs and behavior.”

Bringing physicians into the decision-making process when adopting new technology can ease the transition across the board. When implementing Clearwave Scheduling, TGH, an Epic customer, addressed practice concerns to determine the right technology partner and attain physician adoption. Watch “Physician adoption – successfully addressing new tech implementation concerns.”

Looking at the healthcare landscape and considering the effects of COVID-19, we were eager to hear more about the roadmap and digital decisions for hospitals and health systems. The patient experience and opening channels for patient engagement will factor in heavily in the next 12-24 months. Watch “Priorities for tech and innovation in next 2 years for high-ranking health system.”

See what impact Clearwave could have on your hospital, health system or specialty practice by trying our ROI Calculator – or learn more about how we elevate the patient experience and request a demo.



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