Technology & Innovation: Jason Swoboda of Tampa General Hospital Explains his Role

As a healthcare technology company, we really appreciate Jason’s official title of “Associate Director of Emerging Tech and Health Innovation” — and wanted to hear more about his work’s focus.

Clearwave CEO Mike Lamb recently interviewed Jason Swoboda, the Associate Director of Emerging Tech and Health Innovation at Tampa General Hospital. Known for their patient-centric, tech forward approach to healthcare, TGH is an award-winning 1,000+ bed teaching hospital that we’re proud to partner with.


Video transcript:

Mike Lamb: Your official title at TGH is Associate Director of Emerging Tech and Health Innovation. Can you tell us a little bit more about what your work entails?

Jason Swoboda: I think I have one of the most fun – or the coolest, if you will – titles that I think I’ve heard. It goes back to how Tampa General defines “innovation.” We define innovation as purposeful development, and actually implementing or applying that implementation to a new solution or a problem or an issue that we’re trying to solve. And so really what I get to do is all the different facets of that. I work with the organization to discover the areas of opportunity or areas of need, and I help find businesses with the solutions that help meet those needs. And so when we select the right company, we call them “partners,” and we really truly try to partner with that company to help not only with that current solution to meet our needs, but also in future needs. We just recently started a venture capital arm, TGH InnoVentures, and the thought with that is that we can invest in some of the companies that we help partner with. So that’s a lot of what I get to do, and I absolutely enjoy it.

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