How to Improve Digital Patient Access at Your Medical Practice

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Today, practices are constantly faced with increasing competition, demanding new ways to attract, convert and retain patients. To accomplish this with the modern-day healthcare consumer means meeting their needs. And this requires an exceptional, user-friendly digital experience.

Clearwave offers digital tools to increase digital patient access through patient engagement technology, including Clearwave Connect for digital patient intake and patient check-in, Clearwave Scheduling for advanced patient self-scheduling and call center scheduling, and a market leader in practice operations, Eligibility-as-a-Service for automated eligibility verification.

Digital Patient Access for Happier Patients

Patient engagement begins with how patients can connect to your practice. Implementing self-scheduling with Clearwave opens the door to your practice and lets patients book an appointment as soon as they find you online instead of having to wait to speak to someone by phone. Your patients don’t always have time to contact your office in the middle of their workday, and prefer to book or reschedule appointments in the moment, without delay. “Convenient” for your patients can often mean late at night and outside of office hours. Providing them that flexibility creates greater satisfaction.

When patients have an appointment, sending a link to complete patient intake and registration lets them skip the paperwork and complete everything digitally, on their phone or computer, ahead of schedule. Tools like Clearwave’s Pre-Check helps practices to gather patient information in advance, where patients can update demographic and insurance information, respond to consents and complete medical history forms and updates from the comfort of home.

Access Facilitates Smoother Operations

Digitizing many of the processes of your practice boosts patient satisfaction while offering operations that flow more smoothly. Automating intake and allowing digital check-in removes many of the patient touchpoints where administrative help is needed. Instead, staff can offer more focused and personalized help in the areas where patients need it most.

Digital access can help your practice to:

  • Reduce repetitive tasks for front desk staff
  • Eliminate crowds and stress at the front desk
  • Create a more efficient, welcoming environment
  • Allow patients to enter information and make payments securely
  • Gather real-time data for better reporting
  • Promote your practice as a technology-forward organization

Patient engagement, access to healthcare and satisfaction are critical aspects of value-based care. As patient outcomes, loyalty and satisfaction become essential to practices’ financial security, the importance of patient-centered care approaches cannot be overstated. Such approaches ensure your patients can affordably and easily engage in the relationships required to maintain wellness and keep them coming back whenever they need care.

Find out how the revolutionary Clearwave platform can benefit your practice by scheduling your quick, 30-minute demo today!

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