For Automated Patient Intake, Use Pre-Check at Your Practice

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Medical practices can be more efficient and profitable by embracing digital tools for patient engagement. Your patients want the convenience, and it makes your staff’s work more streamlined and productive. Enabling automated patient intake can also create a natural touchpoint for easy patient collections, improving cash flow right off the bat!

If your medical practice currently struggles with:

  • long wait times
  • slower patient check-in
  • overwhelmed front desk staff
  • patient registration errors
  • or frequent no-shows

Clearwave Connect is the right solution for your organization. Clearwave Connect provides better digital patient experiences and practice operations from intake to visit. Within Connect, Clearwave’s automated patient intake tool, Pre-Check, offers patients the ability to pre-register and update information in advance of their appointment.

Patients prefer the digital convenience and flexibility, and automating patient intake saves significant front desk staff hours, allowing your team to focus on delivering great patient experiences.

Complete Patient Check-In in Under a Minute

On average, checking in at a medical practice can take 20 minutes or more. Paperwork can ask redundant questions on multiple, compacted forms and require too much of your patients’ valuable time. It can also put a strain on staff, who have to repeat the same block of information again and again and hear your patients’ sighs as they hand them a clipboard.

When allowing patients to complete pre-registration with Pre-Check, they only have to check in for their visit to be seen by a provider. They can arrive at the office and use Clearwave Connect for Mobile, Kiosk or Tablet to verify their identity, and check in in less than a minute.

This quick process drives your patient satisfaction, and staff can experience a 50-70% reduction in front desk workload from streamlining intake.

Collect Accurate, Real-Time Data

If you’ve looked at the forms your patients complete, they can often be illegible as patients fill them out as quickly as possible, either in annoyance, or to stay as close to their appointment time as they can. When your staff reads through the handwritten information and then enters it into your practice management system, errors can easily occur.

Often, in a concern for their private information, patients leave many entries on paper forms blank, not knowing who might take a glance at their medical history, address or Social Security number.

Clearwave Pre-Check protects your patients’ private health information, and when patients can complete intake at their own pace away from the waiting room, data is more complete and accurate. This approach delivers a better patient experience, but also creates cleaner claims – which your practice can see in clean claims, lowered penalties and denials and even faster reimbursements for better financial health. Clearwave integrates with more than 50 Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management systems for a truly seamless flow.

Verify Insurance Coverage in a Flash

Patients’ up-to-date insurance information can be automatically checked with Clearwave’s automated Eligibility-as-a-Service. Patients arrive prepared for their appointment, and your staff no longer has to spend hours a day checking payer websites to verify eligibility.

Any coverage issues can be flagged to let staff know where updated information is needed and allows them to focus on these specific tasks that deliver more value to the practice.

Automate Same-Day Patient Collections

Pre-Check includes an opportunity for patient collections by presenting co-pay and open balance amounts to patients during intake. Patients can enter payment details and keep a card on file for any future payments, automatically sweeping collections right into the intake and check-in actions.

Your practice won’t have to have staff intervene to request payment or dig into billing questions when collections are automated. And same-day payments means no more chasing down payments with invoicing, just consistent, same-day automated payments.

Want to find out more about Clearwave and our Pre-Check solution for your practice? Contact us to schedule a demo today!

Mobile pre-check is one of the many ways that Clearwave can help your practice save time, money, and increase patient retention! Contact us today and see how we can help.

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